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Top Pair Podcast 340: Back to the Home Game Grind

After a long time away from the home game felt, Bruce Briggs and Robbie Strazynski have some fun and interesting home game recaps to share. They also briefly discuss “the evolution of the home game,” where after starting out for small stakes, “suddenly” there seems to be a lot more money at the table.

Approaching the show’s 10th anniversary, the co-hosts turn to the audience to give thanks, but also to get feedback for new ideas and segments to produce in the future and new interviewees to ask about their home game histories.

Top Pair thanks their sponsor, the Poker Notes Live mobile app, for their support. Be sure to check it out!

Show Time Stamps

1:12–30:28How Ya Runnin?
1:30Robbie: Getting back to the home game felt is strange after a long break. You have to re-familiarize yourself with your opponents and shake off the rust. Game 1 went well; it’s always good to be the second-biggest winner in the game. Game 2, on the other hand was record-setting in a bad way: biggest home game loss ever. Moreover, lost a friendly prop bet with a buddy as to who would either win more or lose less; that hurt almost as much as the record-setting loss. On the plus side, after many years of Hold’em only with a little PLO, we’re finally introducing new mixed games in the local game.
10:36Eli Elezra came to visit for a BBQ in Israel, but unfortunately couldn’t join us in the home game this time around.
15:14Bruce: After a while away from the home game felt, it’s back to the “micro-stakes” home game. Interesting and great that the money doesn’t really matter; rather it’s the competition and camaraderie. Mixed games help keep the game very interesting and action packed without meaning that anyone has to break the bank.
19:06 A discussion of how limit poker games don’t have the same “sex appeal” on broadcasts or to viewing audiences, but they’re still excellent, enjoyable games from the player’s perspective.
24:40The “lobster effect” of how a home game’s stakes can rise over time. A natural evolution, but it is a good thing? Plus, the pros and cons of dealing poker out of a card shoe…
32:38-39:23Cards in the Air
 Some self-reflection as we approach the Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast’s 10th anniversary. We turn to the audience to get feedback on how we’re doing and to give us some ideas for new topics to discuss, segments to produce, interviewees to have on, etc.
39:26-41:49Table Talk with George Chao of BBO Poker Tables
 The “why” behind buying a poker table. What possesses someone to spend the extra money and enhance a home poker game? We heard from BBO Poker Table customers to see what made them pull the trigger to make a purchase.
43:30One Outer: What One Outers would YOU like to share with our audience?

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