Top Pair Podcast 342: Poker, Sports Betting, and Ivey, Oh My!

Bruce Briggs and Robbie Strazynski take you on their respective rollercoaster journeys at the home game felt. They interview Alex Craig of and discuss what it is that attracts poker players to sports betting.

George Chao of BBO Poker Tables discusses what the signs are that indicate it’s time to replace your poker table, and Ben Ludlow’s One Outer offers a hot take on Phil Ivey at the WSOP Europe.

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Show Time Stamps

1:09–21:19How Ya Runnin?
2:15Robbie: It was the best of times and worst of times. Two 7-hour home game sessions illustrating variance at its finest. Upstuck from what could’ve been a record-setting session, but finishing off on tilt.
7:00Discussing how to react and respond when enduring rollercoaster-like variance at the home game felt.
9:50Cold-decked throughout session #2 but feeling upbeat at the end. Variance is a funny thing. Ended off pretty breakeven overall when the dust settled.
15:36Bruce: Only one 3-hour session of microstakes limit poker. Doubled the $20 buy-in.
17:30Raising the limits ever so slightly in a microstakes game is like trying to find that sweet reception spot on the old radios.
19:55What’s a few quarters between friends?
19:06A discussion of how limit poker games don’t have the same “sex appeal” on broadcasts or to viewing audiences, but they’re still excellent, enjoyable games from the player’s perspective.
23:00-41:33Dealer’s Choice: A look at sportsbetting picks for poker players
 The hosts are joined by Alex Craig of Alex and Robbie met at a friendly $1/2 NLHE game at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas at the poker table and got to talking a bit about sports betting.
24:50Thebetbot helps casual sports bettors make better decisions and know what they’re getting into.
25:50@thebetbot1 tweets out new picks each day.
27:30Alex is mathematically inclined and both a recreational poker player and sports bettor; looking for ways to get better at both.
31:15What sports does thebetbot offer picks on?
33:20You’ll often see poker players betting on sports. Do the two types of betting naturally go hand-in-hand?
37:50Alex shares his experiences playing home game poker, starting with his grandpa, and progressing to a dealer’s choice game where he worked at BIG 5 Sporting Goods.
41:00Special promo code TOPPAIR50 for our listeners.
41:41-45:13Table Talk with George Chao of BBO Poker Tables
 What are the signs that it’s time to replace your poker table? Bottom line, some components show fading, wear and tear over time. Dings, scrapes, and cuts naturally happen when moving the table around, so George offers some preventative maintenance tips for keeping your table in pristine condition.
45:27Ben Ludlow’s One Outer: Phil Ivey makes another rare appearance, now at the 2019 World Series of Poker Europe. What are poker fans supposed to make of it, especially when he “misclicks”?

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  • LISTEN: hosts Bruce and @cardplayerlife discuss poker and sports betting with Alex @thebetbot1 Craig

  • LISTEN: @Bloodlow offers a hot take on @philivey's WSOP Europe appearance on ep. #342 of @toppair

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