Top Pair Podcast 339: So Long, Sweet Summer…

In episode 339, Bruce Briggs and Robbie Strazynski are finally back with a new show after a lengthy summer break. Bruce moved house and is getting used to the new neighborhood in Salt Lake City, while Robbie and his family visited New England for the month of August.

Bruce is only just now returning to the felt, but Robbie managed to squeeze in a couple of short poker room visits while on holiday. And he met poker author Ashley Adams and got to visit his awesome home poker room. The hosts recap their summers, talk plenty of poker, and briefly discuss what pro poker players do during their post-WSOP summer holidays.

Finally, a funny quip from poker legend Eli Elezra will leave you chuckling to end off the show...

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Show Time Stamps

1:04–30:47How Ya Runnin?
1:16Bruce: Summer vacation means people are away from home, so the Salt Lake City home games simply aren’t getting together as much in recent weeks. Plus relocation expenses mean the bankroll has to recover a bit before getting back to the tables.
5:41Robbie: On vacation with family in New England during the summer. It was really family-focused, but managed to squeeze in two very short poker sessions at Encore Boston Harbor and then the Poker Room at Hampton Falls.
8:13Got to meet a former show guest, noted poker author Ashley Adams (appeared back on episode #231 in March 2015). First time meeting each other in person after many years in touch. Got to stay at his home and he showed us around his incredible home poker room.
13:02Visiting Encore Boston Harbor, together with Ashley Adams. A short 2.5-hour session at a beautiful new property that looks exactly like the Wynn and Encore in Las Vegas. Over 80 tables of opulent magnificence. Plenty of non-Hold’em tables running, too. Lost a little money, but only real regret is that I didn’t have more time to play.
22:08Also got to play a short session at the Poker Room in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire. Drove 75 minutes over from Maine on a Saturday night. First time playing in a poker room that has a closing time, 1am on weekends and midnight on weekdays, as per state law. A great, quaint little 14-table pure poker room built in the wooden log cabin New England style. Nice action, great people, and wishing something of that nature would be available within driving distance in Israel!
33:12-40:01Poker Talk - Ever wonder how professional poker players spend their downtime or what they do when taking a break from playing? We take a brief look at how Brian Hastings, Jonathan Little, Adam Levy, and James Obst take a poker break (or not!).
41:26One Outer: Eli Elezra doesn’t just have a connection with the poker gods....

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