Hellmuth Offers James Campbell 2019 Main Event Entry After Controversy

Phil Hellmuth

After a day of controversy involving Phil Hellmuth’s cursing and outburst during a three-way hand, the poker community woke up to the Poker Brat offering a bit of a mea culpa. The 14-time bracelet winner seemed to have some regrets about his actions, and attempted to make things right with the player in question, 35-year-old James Campbell.

On Sunday morning, Hellmuth sent out a Tweet offering to buy Campbell into the 2019 Main Event as a peace offering.

Campbell is a father of two and hails from Hudson, Mass., where he works as a firefighter. After the gesture to try and make things right, Campbell seemed pleased that Hellmuth was trying to better the situation and accepted the offering.

James Campbell
James Campbell in the 2018 Main Event.

Shaun Deeb, Chris Moneymaker, Justin Bonomo, and other pros had been critical of Hellmuth’s action as seen on the PokerGO feature table. For more on the controversy, see PokerNews’ coverage of the incident from Saturday.

On Sunday, Moneymaker was one of many who praised the move to offer Campbell a 2019 buy-in. Others in the poker community also seemed to see the move as nice on the Poker Brat’s part. Some also Tweeted that they hoped he had learned a bit about poker etiquette in the process and would watch his table behavior a bit in the future.

For more, check out PokerNews' interview with Hellmuth here.

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  • MEA CULPA: Hellmuth offers Campbell $10K entry into next year's WSOP Main after feature table blowup.

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