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PokerNews Podcast 512: EPT Barcelona Review & Poker Masters Preview

  • LISTEN: Poker Central's Sam Simmons joins Sarah & Jeff to preview the prestigious Poker Masters.

The poker season is heating up, and Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt bring you the top storylines in Episode 512 of the PokerNews Podcast.

EPT Barcelona just wrapped up, the crew recaps the record-breaking Main Event, plus a huge high roller win for Max Silver.

The Purple Jacket is up for grabs as the Poker Masters starts this weekend. Sarah and Jeff spoke with Poker Central's Vice President of Content Sam Simmons to preview the upcoming tournament series.

The PokerNews Podcast Network fam joins forces, as Robbie Strazynski and Bruce Briggs from the Top Pair Podcast join Sarah and Jeff for a quick segment about their show.

And Sarah just got back from a Global Poker event in Houston; she chats with Joseph Del Duca, the company's Head of Communications.

This week's sponsors: Global Poker & PokerGO's presentation of the Poker Masters.

Show Time Stamps

0:30Intro: Welcome in to another episode of the PN Pod with Sarah and Jeff!
1:00Sponsor: PokerGO (Streaming of the Poker Masters starts Saturday)
1:30The breakdown of the Poker Masters commentary team: Ali Nejad, Nick Schulman, & Jeremy Ausmus in the booth. Maria Ho & Brent Hanks join Jeff at the break desk!
5:00EPT Barcelona wraps up
6:00Max Silver Wins PokerStars EPT Barcelona €10K High Roller (€600,924)
7:00Online Qualifier Piotr Nurzynski Wins 2018 EPT Barcelona (€1,037,109)
9:1520-Year-Old Will Pengelly Wins WinStar River Poker Series Main Event
12:00Origin of Being Felted – A Conversation with Phil Laak
12:30More on the greatness of Phil Laak
15:30Poker Central's VP of Content, Sam Simmons, joins the show!
15:40Guest Segment Sponsor: PokerGO (Use the code "PokerNews" to sign up!)
16:30The buzz around the upcoming Poker Masters, what we can expect this year: "It no longer works to just put together a high roller and expect people to show up. You need to provide incentive and you need to package a lot of these into an all-encompassing series."
18:10Breaking down the Poker Masters schedule/format
18:40Evaluating how the PokerGO Studios are working out: "It's been awesome...this is going to be a great opportunity for us to really flex the muscle of the space."
20:10Changing the scoring system of the Poker Masters: "We pride ourselves on being able to fine-tune all aspects of an event...we ended up going with the High Roller of the Year points system, which is something we created a few months ago."
22:30The commentary team Poker Central is going with for the Poker Masters: "We're very proud of the team we put together across all of our events...It is hard to find the perfect balance of charisma, ability to be in front of the camera, and be entertaining in front of that audience, and also know the game of poker....this series will be not only the largest, but the highest-quality team we've had in place in a single event."
24:50The plans for the future of Poker Central/PokerGO
27:00"Tell Tale" Released on PokerGO
27:50Chatting with Sam about the horrific beat he took at the unofficial final table of The Closer
31:40Events taking place at the World Series of Poker after the Main Event
33:20Sam's own plans for the Poker Masters: start with the $10k and see what happens!!
35:00Guest Segment Sponsor: PokerGO (Use the code "PokerNews" to sign up!)
36:00Bringing on Robbie Strazynski and Bruce Briggs from the Top Pair Podcast!
37:10How the Top Pair Podcast has evolved over the years
37:50Robbie talks about he got involved with the show
40:30What Lupe Soto was like as a guest on their podcast: "She was a force to be reckoned about high-energy!"
43:00What Bruce and Robbie's poker backgrounds are like, and how their passion for the game has developed. (After they were done with this conversation, they went to go play home games!)
49:30Their favorite episodes/interviews: Bruce thinks it's when they chatted with Mike Sexton in the early days of the podcast (episode 47), Robbie says it's their interview with John Hesp (episode 305)
55:00Sarah talks with Joseph Del Duca, Global Poker's Head of Communications
55:30Sarah and Joseph chat about their time in Houston for a Global Poker event
57:30Journeys through the underground tunnels that Houston has
1:00:50The partnerships between Global Poker and the Houston Astros, San Francisco Giants: "It was one of those things, it seems strange until you look more into it, then it makes perfect sense. Global Poker aims to make a fun, entertaining, social gaming poker product for everyday Americans and people who just enjoy a recreational game of poker. What do Americans love? They love poker, and they love baseball."
1:05:00Chatting with Astros fans about their passion for poker, and chatting with Sarah about her passion for baseball!
1:10:30Sarah might be entering the Global Poker tourney scene on Sunday!
1:11:00Have to wrap the interview for now, but Joseph would be happy to come back next week to dive into the details of Global Poker, and what it has to offer. "We're all equal, and everyone sitting down has an equal chance to play some poker, have some fun, and win some Sweeps Cash"

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