Throwback Thursday: Michael Phelps and his 'PBF' Jeff Gross at the 2013 PCA

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Oliver Biles
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In this episode of our Throwback Thursday series we go back to 2013 and watch Kristy Arnett talk about poker, life, and more with none other than Michael Phelps and his "PBF" AKA Jeff Gross.

In the video, Arnett puts Gross to the test as she asks him to share with our readers what he really thinks about Phelps' poker game.

The action then moves to the most decorated Olympian of all time, as Phelps expands on whether he gets given credit for being a good player and not 'only' one of the best swimmers in history.

As the conversation between the three continues, we also find out what Phelps has been up to since retiring from competitive sports.

[Spoiler alert: that includes an epic night out with Steve Aoki!]

The video was filmed during the 2013 Poker Caribbean Adventure (PCA), the event series that PokerStars announced earlier this year they would be discontinuing after their first-ever PokerStars Player's Championship.

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Oliver Biles

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