GGPoker Set to Launch Spin & Gold Jackpot SNG


GGPoker are launching their own take on the jackpot sit & go craze, with Spin & Gold set to hit the GGPoker software on February 28th.

GGPoker’s Spin & Gold continues the recent trend of earning big wins for small investment, plus adds something extra too. These tournaments offer players the chance to win up to 12,000 times your buy-in and make it possible to win a massive prize in relation to the tournaments’ buy-in and do so in a matter of minutes.

Spin & Gold choosing the prize pool

PokerNews has seen the new Spin & Gold at GGPoker and they look fantastic. Available with buy-ins of $1, $5, $20, and $50, Spin & Gold make it possible to win up to 12,000-times your initial buy-in. This makes the jackpot for each of the four buy-in levels weigh in at $12,000, $60,000, $240,000, and an incredible $600,000.

We are yet to receive the full probabilities for the Spin & Gold tournaments, but we’ll relay that information as soon as it becomes available.

Likewise, PokerNews believes Spin & Gold are a winner-takes-all format up to and including the 25x multipliers, with prizes distributed to all three players when 120x or bigger multipliers are hit, keeping in line with the industry standard.

Spin & Gold Possible Prize Pools

MultiplierPrize pool

GGPoker’s Spin & Gold Twist: Challenges

Extra cashback

GGPoker always likes to put its own twist on products it launches to make them unique to the site and Spin & Gold are no different.

Players can earn extra cashback on their Spin & Gold play by completing special challenges.

These challenges are known as mining gold. You start the challenge with a simple mouse click and are greeted with a screen asking if you are going to play for 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 5 hours, or 8 hours. Another screen loads where you can choose from one of six challenges, each increasing in difficulty in relation to the number of Spin & Gold tournaments needed to mine gold.

The challenge we saw challenged players to mine between 700 and 27,000 gold for cash rewards ranging from $1.60 up to $120.

Gold mining rates

Gold is earned at different rates depending on the Spin & Gold tournament’s buy-in and your finishing position, with a maximum of 750 gold possible from one tournament.

Buy-in1st place2nd place3rd place
$50750 Gold500 Gold250 Gold
$20300 Gold200 Gold100 Gold
$575 Gold50 Gold25 Gold
$115 Gold10 Gold5 Gold

Spin & Gold Are Perfect For Long and Short Sessions

While the Spin & Gold Challenges are great for those players wanting to play a longer session, the hyper-turbo blind structure lends itself to players short of time.

Fire one or two up during the scheduled breaks of the GG Masters, a tournament that will see someone walk away with a GG sponsorship package worth up to $500,000.

We also expect Spin & Gold to become available on GGPoker’s mobile client, meaning you can play for a share of $600,000 wherever you have a WiFi or mobile internet signal.

  • GGPoker is set to launch Spin & Go tournaments, its exciting take on jackpot sit & gos.

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