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Unibet Poker Online Series Kicks Off September 18

Unibet Poker

The eagerly anticipated Unibet Poker Online Series shuffles up and deals for the first time on September 18 as the first six of a schedule 132 action-packed events taking place.

Players from around the world will descend on the Unibet Poker software for the €1 million guaranteed festival and will be met by plenty of tournament action on Day 1.

Cards are in the air in the first three tournaments from 7:00 p.m. CEST on September 18. There’s a €0.50 buy-in with €300 guaranteed, a slightly larger buy-in €10 event where the prize pool guaranteed to be at least €5,000, and a €50 buy-in tournament featuring a prize pool of at least €15,000.

Three more events begin 90-minutes later and each will generate plenty of action. Why? Because they’re all Pot Limit Omaha Bounty events! Again, like the No Limit Hold’em events from earlier, buy-ins come in the shape of €0.50, €10, and €50, with guarantees weighing in at €100, €3,000, and €7,500.

Everything You Need to Know About the Unibet Poker Online Series

Full Unibet Poker Online Series Schedule

DateTime CETeventNameBuyinGameTypeGuarantee
18-09-2019:00:001€300 E1 UOS Nano€0.5HoldemNano€300
18-09-2019:00:002€5,000 E2 UOS Low€10HoldemLow€5,000
18-09-2019:00:003€15,000 E3 UOS Mid€50HoldemMid€15,000
18-09-2020:30:004€100 E4 UOS Omaha Bounty Nano€0.5Omaha BountyNano€100
18-09-2020:30:005€3,000 E5 UOS Omaha Bounty Low€10Omaha BountyLow€3,000
18-09-2020:30:006€7,500 E6 UOS Omaha Bounty Mid€50Omaha BountyMid€7,500
19-09-2019:00:007€200 E7 UOS Nano€0.25HoldemNano€200
19-09-2019:00:008€2,000 E8 UOS Low€5HoldemLow€2,000
19-09-2019:00:009€10,000 E9 UOS Mid€25HoldemMid€10,000
19-09-2020:30:0010€200 E10 UOS Re-enter Nano€0.25HoldemNano€200
19-09-2020:30:0011€1,000 E11 UOS Re-enter Low€5HoldemLow€1,000
19-09-2020:30:0012€7,500 E12 UOS Re-enter Mid€25HoldemMid€7,500
20-09-2019:00:0013€500 E13 UOS Nano 2-Day€1HoldemNano€500
20-09-2019:00:0014€10,000 E14 UOS Mid 2-Day€25HoldemMid€10,000
20-09-2019:00:0015€30,000 E15 UOS High 2-Day€100HoldemHigh€30,000
20-09-2020:30:0016€300 E16 UOS Rebuy Nano€0.25HoldemNano€300
20-09-2020:30:0017€2,500 E17 UOS Rebuy Low€5HoldemLow€2,500
20-09-2020:30:0018€7,500 E18 UOS Rebuy Mid€25HoldemMid€7,500
21-09-2019:00:0019€700 E19 UOS Rebuy Nano€0.5HoldemNano€700
21-09-2019:00:0020€6,000 E20 UOS Rebuy Low€10HoldemLow€6,000
21-09-2019:00:0021€15,000 E21 UOS Rebuy Mid€25HoldemMid€15,000
21-09-2020:30:0022€100 E22 UOS Omaha Bounty Nano€0.25Omaha BountyNano€100
21-09-2020:30:0023€1,000 E23 UOS Omaha Bounty Low€5Omaha BountyLow€1,000
21-09-2020:30:0024€4,000 E24 UOS Omaha Bounty Mid€25Omaha BountyMid€4,000
22-09-2019:00:0025€100 E25 UOS Nano€0.25HoldemNano€100
22-09-2019:00:0026€2,000 E26 UOS Low€5HoldemLow€2,000
22-09-2019:00:0027€8,000 E27 UOS Mid€25HoldemMid€8,000
22-09-2020:30:0028€100 E28 UOS Bounty Nano€0.25Holdem BountyNano€100
22-09-2020:30:0029€1,000 E29 UOS Bounty Low€5Holdem BountyLow€1,000
22-09-2020:30:0030€15,000 E30 UOS Bounty High€100Holdem BountyHigh€15,000
23-09-2019:00:0031€400 E31 UOS Rebuy Nano€0.25HoldemNano€400
23-09-2019:00:0032€6,000 E32 UOS Rebuy Low€10HoldemLow€6,000
23-09-2019:00:0033€15,000 E33 UOS Rebuy Mid€25HoldemMid€15,000
23-09-2020:30:0034€100 E34 UOS Omaha Nano€0.25OmahaNano€100
23-09-2020:30:0035€2,000 E35 UOS Omaha Low€10OmahaLow€2,000
23-09-2020:30:0036€7,000 E36 UOS Omaha Mid€50OmahaMid€7,000
24-09-2019:00:0037€300 E37 UOS Bounty Nano€0.5Holdem BountyNano€300
24-09-2019:00:0038€4,000 E38 UOS Bounty Low€10Holdem BountyLow€4,000
24-09-2019:00:0039€15,000 E39 UOS Bounty Mid€50Holdem BountyMid€15,000
24-09-2020:30:0040€300 E40 UOS Rebuy Nano€0.25HoldemNano€300
24-09-2020:30:0041€4,000 E41 UOS Rebuy Low€10HoldemLow€4,000
24-09-2020:30:0042€15,000 E42 UOS Rebuy Mid€50HoldemMid€15,000
25-09-2019:00:0043€300 E43 UOS Nano€0.5HoldemNano€300
25-09-2019:00:0044€4,000 E44 UOS Low€10HoldemLow€4,000
25-09-2019:00:0045€10,000 E45 UOS Mid€50HoldemMid€10,000
25-09-2020:30:0046€100 E46 UOS Ante Re-enter Nano€0.25Holdem AnteNano€100
25-09-2020:30:0047€1,000 E47 UOS Ante Re-enter Low€5Holdem AnteLow€1,000
25-09-2020:30:0048€5,000 E48 UOS Ante Re-enter Mid€25Holdem AnteMid€5,000
26-09-2019:00:0049€1,000 E49 UOS Rebuy Nano€0.5HoldemNano€1,000
26-09-2019:00:0050€6,000 E50 UOS Rebuy Low€10HoldemLow€6,000
26-09-2019:00:0051€15,000 E51 UOS Rebuy High UK SIDE EVENT€100HoldemHigh€15,000
26-09-2020:30:0052€100 E52 UOS Nano€0.25HoldemNano€100
26-09-2020:30:0053€1,500 E53 UOS Low€5HoldemLow€1,500
26-09-2020:30:0054€5,000 E54 UOS Mid€25HoldemMid€5,000
27-09-2019:00:0055€2,000 E55 UOS Rebuy Nano 2-Days€1HoldemNano€2,000
27-09-2019:00:0056€25,000 E56 UOS Rebuy Mid 2-Days€50HoldemMid€25,000
27-09-2019:00:0057€25,000 E57 UOS UK Tour Online High 2-Days€250HoldemHigh€25,000
27-09-2020:30:0058€200 E58 UOS Rebuy Nano€0.25HoldemNano€200
27-09-2020:30:0059€2,500 E59 UOS Rebuy Low€5HoldemLow€2,500
27-09-2020:30:0060€7,500 E60 UOS Rebuy Mid€25HoldemMid€7,500
28-09-2019:00:0061€200 E61 UOS Big Bang Nano€0.5HoldemNano€200
28-09-2019:00:0062€2,000 E62 UOS Big Bang Low€10HoldemLow€2,000
28-09-2019:00:0063€10,000 E63 UOS Big Bang High€200HoldemHigh€10,000
28-09-2020:30:0064€200 E64 UOS Rebuy Nano€0.25HoldemNano€200
28-09-2020:30:0065€2,000 E65 UOS Rebuy Low€5HoldemLow€2,000
28-09-2020:30:0066€10,000 E66 UOS Rebuy Mid€25HoldemMid€10,000
30-09-2019:00:0067€200 E67 UOS Nano€0.5HoldemNano€200
30-09-2019:00:0068€4,000 E68 UOS Low€10HoldemLow€4,000
30-09-2019:00:0069€10,000 E69 UOS Mid€50HoldemMid€10,000
30-09-2020:30:0070€300 E70 UOS Rebuy Nano€0.25HoldemNano€300
30-09-2020:30:0071€4,000 E71 UOS Rebuy Low€10HoldemLow€4,000
30-09-2020:30:0072€15,000 E72 UOS Rebuy Mid€50HoldemMid€15,000
01-10-2019:00:0073€300 E73 UOS Rebuy Nano€0.25HoldemNano€300
01-10-2019:00:0074€6,000 E74 UOS Rebuy Low€10HoldemLow€6,000
01-10-2019:00:0075€15,000 E75 UOS Rebuy High DSO SIDE EVENT€100HoldemHigh€15,000
01-10-2020:30:0076€100 E76 UOS Omaha Nano€0.25OmahaNano€100
01-10-2020:30:0077€2,000 E77 UOS Omaha Low€10OmahaLow€2,000
01-10-2020:30:0078€6,000 E78 UOS Omaha Mid€50OmahaMid€6,000
02-10-2019:00:0079€400 E79 UOS Nano 2-Days€0.5HoldemNano€400
02-10-2019:00:0080€4,000 E80 UOS Low 2-Days€10HoldemLow€4,000
02-10-2019:00:0081€30,000 E81 UOS DSO Online Main High 2-Days€300HoldemHigh€30,000
02-10-2020:30:0082€100 E82 UOS Ante Re-enter Nano€0.25Holdem AnteNano€100
02-10-2020:30:0083€1,000 E83 UOS Ante Re-enter Low€5Holdem AnteLow€1,000
02-10-2020:30:0084€5,000 E84 UOS Ante Re-enter Mid€25Holdem AnteMid€5,000
03-10-2019:00:0085€300 E85 UOS Bounty Nano€0.5Holdem BountyNano€300
03-10-2019:00:0086€5,000 E86 UOS Bounty Low€10Holdem BountyLow€5,000
03-10-2019:00:0087€15,000 E87 UOS Bounty Mid€50Holdem BountyMid€15,000
03-10-2020:30:0088€200 E88 UOS Rebuy Nano€0.25HoldemNano€200
03-10-2020:30:0089€1,500 E89 UOS Rebuy Low€5HoldemLow€1,500
03-10-2020:30:0090€5,000 E90 UOS Rebuy Mid€25HoldemMid€5,000
04-10-2019:00:0091€1,500 E91 UOS Rebuy Nano 2-Days€1HoldemNano€1,500
04-10-2019:00:0092€25,000 E92 UOS Rebuy Mid 2-Day€50HoldemMid€25,000
04-10-2019:00:0093€50,000 E93 UOS Rebuy High 2-Days100HoldemHigh€50,000
04-10-2020:30:0094€200 E94 UOS Rebuy Nano€0.25HoldemNano€200
04-10-2020:30:0095€2,500 E95 UOS Rebuy Low€5HoldemLow€2,500
04-10-2020:30:0096€7,500 E96 UOS Rebuy Mid€25HoldemMid€7,500
05-10-2019:00:0097€300 E97 UOS Rebuy Nano€0.25HoldemNano€300
05-10-2019:00:0098€6,000 E98 UOS Rebuy Low€10HoldemLow€6,000
05-10-2019:00:0099€10,000 E99 UOS Rebuy Mid€25HoldemMid€10,000
05-10-2020:30:00100€100 E100 UOS Omaha Nano€0.25OmahaNano€100
05-10-2020:30:00101€2,000 E101 UOS Omaha Low€10OmahaLow€2,000
05-10-2020:30:00102€4,000 E102 UOS Omaha Mid€25OmahaMid€4,000
07-10-2019:00:00103€300 E103 UOS Bounty Nano€0.5Holdem BountyNano€300
07-10-2019:00:00104€4,000 E104 UOS Bounty Low€10Holdem BountyLow€4,000
07-10-2019:00:00105€10,000 E105 UOS Bounty Mid€50Holdem BountyMid€10,000
07-10-2020:30:00106€300 E106 UOS Rebuy Nano€0.25HoldemNano€300
07-10-2020:30:00107€4,000 E107 UOS Rebuy Low€10HoldemLow€4,000
07-10-2020:30:00108€15,000 E108 UOS Rebuy Mid€50HoldemMid€15,000
08-10-2019:00:00109€300 E109 UOS Rebuy Nano€0.25HoldemNano€300
08-10-2019:00:00110€6,000 E110 UOS Rebuy Low€10HoldemLow€6,000
08-10-2019:00:00111€15,000 E111 UOS Unibet Opener Online High€100HoldemHigh€15,000
08-10-2020:30:00112€100 E112 UOS Ante Re-enter Nano€0.25Holdem AnteNano€100
08-10-2020:30:00113€1,000 E113 UOS Ante Re-enter Low€5Holdem AnteLow€1,000
08-10-2020:30:00114€5,000 E114 UOS Ante Re-enter Mid€25Holdem AnteMid€5,000
09-10-2019:00:00115€300 E115 UOS Bounty Nano€0.5Holdem BountyNano€300
09-10-2019:00:00116€4,000 E116 UOS Bounty Low€10Holdem BountyLow€4,000
09-10-2019:00:00117€10,000 E117 UOS Bounty High€100Holdem BountyHigh€10,000
09-10-2020:30:00118€100 E118 UOS Nano€0.25HoldemNano€100
09-10-2020:30:00119€1,000 E119 UOS Low€5HoldemLow€1,000
09-10-2020:30:00120€5,000 E120 UOS Mid€25HoldemMid€5,000
10-10-2019:00:00121€400 E121 UOS Rebuy Nano€0.25HoldemNano€400
10-10-2019:00:00122€6,000 E122 UOS Rebuy Low€10HoldemLow€6,000
10-10-2019:00:00123€15,000 E123 UOS  Unibet Open Online Warm-Up High€100HoldemHigh€15,000
10-10-2020:30:00124€200 E124 UOS Rebuy Nano€0.25HoldemNano€200
10-10-2020:30:00125€2,500 E125 UOS Rebuy Low€5HoldemLow€2,500
10-10-2020:30:00126€7,500 E126 UOS Rebuy Mid€25HoldemMid€7,500
11-10-2019:00:00127€2,000 E127 UOS Rebuy Nano 2-Days€1HoldemNano€2,000
11-10-2019:00:00128€25,000 E128 UOS Unibet Open Online High 2-Days€100HoldemHigh€25,000
11-10-2019:00:00129€250,000 E129 UOS Unibet Open Online High 2-Days€1100HoldemHigh€250,000
11-10-2020:30:00130€200 E130 UOS Rebuy Nano€0.25HoldemNano€200
11-10-2020:30:00131€2,500 E131 UOS Rebuy Low€5HoldemLow€2,500
11-10-2020:30:00132€7,500 E132 UOS Rebuy Mid€25HoldemMid€7,500

Win free prizes on the Unibet Online Series Slot

Don’t forget there are Low, Mid, High, and an Overall Leaderboard to chase down. You earn points by playing in any of the Unibet Poker Online Series events labelled as Low, Mid, and High with additional points awarded for finishing in the top 17% of the field in those events.

Learn more, everything in fact, about this Unibet Poker series, by heading here.

Download Unibet Poker and Grab Your €200 Bonus

You’re going to need a Unibet Poker account in order to get involved in any of these Unibet Poker Online Series events. Those of you who have one, go right ahead! If you don’t have an account, download Unibet Poker via PokerNews for a welcome bonus worth €200.

Unibet rewards you with cold, hard cash each time you hit specific rake milestones. For example, you receive €1 when you rake €2 and an additional €4 once you’ve generated €10 in rake.

LevelRakeCash rewardReward %

The bonus expires 60-days after you create your account so get your grind on and see how much cash you can earn.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Unibet Poker Online Series Everything You Need to Know About the Unibet Poker Online Series