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GGPoker Launches New 'OmahaSquad' with $7M GTD Omaholics Series

GGPoker Omahasquad

Get ready for the GGPoker Omaholics Series that starts this weekend, with $7,000,000 in prize pool guarantees between now and Sunday, Mar. 28, including the $1M GTD Omaholics Main Event.

The Omaholics have long been a popular tournament varient in the GGPoker client, and players can now enjoy a full festival of the tournaments.

Sasha Liu Fernando JNandez Habegger

GGPoker Launch OmahaSquad

In addition to the launch of the festival, GGPoker are also launching the OmahaSquad to "provide a focal point" for lovers of Omaha. The inaugural members include Fernando 'JNandezPoker' Habegger and Sasha Liu.

"When GGPoker approached me to be part of the newly-formed OmahaSquad it was an easy decision for me,” said Liu. “From our very first conversation, it was clear to me thatGGPoker shared my passion for Omaha, and I look forward to working closely with JNandez and the rest of the team to grow this great game I love so much!”

GGPoker Omaholics Series

Omaholics Series Headline Events

The headline events of the Omaholics Series come with over $2M in prize pool guarantees, and the final table of both the Mini Main Event and Main Event will be streamed live on GGPoker.TV.

Download GGPoker

Players who download GGPoker through PokerNews get a choice of Welcome Bonus. Either $100 in Free Tickets or a 100% Deposit Bonus up to $600.

Not only that, but new GGPoker players can earn rewards with the Honeymon for Newcomers promotion. Completing only three missions sees you receive a $1 Omaholic ticket. Keep grinding those mission and win prizes including cold, hard cash, and tournament dollars. The top prize is a welcomed $150 cash for completing 30 missions.

Number of Missions CompletedReward
31x $1 Omaholic ticket
5$2.50 cash
71x $4 T$ Builder ticket
20$20 cash
30$150 cash
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Featuring the $1M GTD Omaholic Main Event

GGPoker Omaholics Series Full Schedule

DateDayTime (UTC)Event NameBuy-inGTD
Mar-13Sat11:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-13Sat14:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-13Sat17:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-13Sat20:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-13Sat23:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-14Sun08:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-14Sun11:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-14Sun14:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-14Sun16:10Event #1: Omaholic Hundred Stack $840$840$100,000
Mar-14Sun16:10Mini #1: Omaholic Monster Stack $88$88$30,000
Mar-14Sun17:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-14Sun17:40Event #2: Omaholic Bounty Bash HR $525$525$100,000
Mar-14Sun17:40Mini #2: Omaholic Bounty Bash $52.50$52.50$30,000
Mar-14Sun18:40Event #3: Omaholic Bounty King $315$315$75,000
Mar-14Sun18:40Mini #3: Omaholic Bounty King Jr $31.50$31.50$20,000
Mar-14Sun19:10Event #4: Omaholic Super High Roller $10,300$10,300$500,000
Mar-14Sun19:10Mini #4: Omaholic Super Low Roller $15$15$10,000
Mar-14Sun20:10Event #5: Omaholic Sunday Special $525$525$75,000
Mar-14Sun20:10Mini #5: Omaholic Sunday Special $55$55$20,000
Mar-14Sun20:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-14Sun21:40Event #6: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $105$105$15,000
Mar-14Sun21:40Mini #6: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $10.50$10.50$7,500
Mar-14Sun23:10Event #7: Omaholic Bounty Closer $210$210$20,000
Mar-14Sun23:10Mini #7: Omaholic Bounty Closer $21$21$10,000
Mar-14Sun23:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-15Mon02:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-15Mon05:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-15Mon08:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-15Mon11:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-15Mon14:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-15Mon16:10Event #8: Omaholic Forty Stack $840$840$40,000
Mar-15Mon16:10Mini #8: Omaholic Monster Stack $88$88$15,000
Mar-15Mon17:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-15Mon17:40Event #9: Omaholic Bounty Bash HR $525$525$30,000
Mar-15Mon17:40Mini #9: Omaholic Bounty Bash $52.50$52.50$15,000
Mar-15Mon18:10Event #10: Omaholic Daily Main $250$250$25,000
Mar-15Mon18:10Mini #10: Omaholic Mini Main $25$25$10,000
Mar-15Mon18:40Event #11: Omaholic Bounty King $315$315$25,000
Mar-15Mon18:40Mini #11: Omaholic Bounty King Jr $31.50$31.50$10,000
Mar-15Mon20:10Event #12: Omaholic Second Chance $125$125$15,000
Mar-15Mon20:10Mini #12: Omaholic Second Chance $15$15$5,000
Mar-15Mon20:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-15Mon21:40Event #13: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $105$105$10,000
Mar-15Mon21:40Mini #13: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $10.50$10.50$5,000
Mar-15Mon23:10Event #14: Omaholic Bounty Closer $210$210$15,000
Mar-15Mon23:10Mini #14: Omaholic Bounty Closer $21$21$7,500
Mar-15Mon23:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-16Tue02:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-16Tue05:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-16Tue08:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-16Tue11:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-16Tue14:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-16Tue16:10Event #15: Omaholic Forty Stack $840$840$40,000
Mar-16Tue16:10Mini #15: Omaholic Monster Stack $88$88$15,000
Mar-16Tue17:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-16Tue17:40Event #16: Omaholic Bounty Bash HR $525$525$30,000
Mar-16Tue17:40Mini #16: Omaholic Bounty Bash $52.50$52.50$15,000
Mar-16Tue18:10Event #17: Omaholic Daily Main $250$250$25,000
Mar-16Tue18:10Mini #17: Omaholic Mini Main $25$25$10,000
Mar-16Tue18:40Event #18: Omaholic Bounty King $315$315$25,000
Mar-16Tue18:40Mini #18: Omaholic Bounty King Jr $31.50$31.50$10,000
Mar-16Tue20:10Event #19: Omaholic Second Chance $125$125$15,000
Mar-16Tue20:10Mini #19: Omaholic Second Chance $15$15$5,000
Mar-16Tue20:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-16Tue21:40Event #20: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $105$105$10,000
Mar-16Tue21:40Mini #20: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $10.50$10.50$5,000
Mar-16Tue23:10Event #21: Omaholic Bounty Closer $210$210$15,000
Mar-16Tue23:10Mini #21: Omaholic Bounty Closer $21$21$7,500
Mar-16Tue23:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-17Wed02:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-17Wed05:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-17Wed08:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-17Wed11:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-17Wed14:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-17Wed16:10Event #22: Omaholic Forty Stack $840$840$40,000
Mar-17Wed16:10Mini #22: Omaholic Monster Stack $88$88$15,000
Mar-17Wed17:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-17Wed17:40Event #23: Omaholic Bounty Bash HR $525$525$30,000
Mar-17Wed17:40Mini #23: Omaholic Bounty Bash $52.50$52.50$15,000
Mar-17Wed18:10Event #24: Omaholic Daily Main $250$250$25,000
Mar-17Wed18:10Mini #24: Omaholic Mini Main $25$25$10,000
Mar-17Wed18:40Event #25: Omaholic Bounty King $315$315$25,000
Mar-17Wed18:40Mini #25: Omaholic Bounty King Jr $31.50$31.50$10,000
Mar-17Wed20:10Event #26: Omaholic Second Chance $125$125$15,000
Mar-17Wed20:10Mini #26: Omaholic Second Chance $15$15$5,000
Mar-17Wed20:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-17Wed21:40Event #27: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $105$105$10,000
Mar-17Wed21:40Mini #27: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $10.50$10.50$5,000
Mar-17Wed23:10Event #28: Omaholic Bounty Closer $210$210$15,000
Mar-17Wed23:10Mini #28: Omaholic Bounty Closer $21$21$7,500
Mar-17Wed23:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-18Thu02:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-18Thu05:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-18Thu08:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-18Thu11:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-18Thu14:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-18Thu16:10Event #29: Omaholic Forty Stack $840$840$40,000
Mar-18Thu16:10Mini #29: Omaholic Monster Stack $88$88$15,000
Mar-18Thu17:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-18Thu17:40Event #30: Omaholic Bounty Bash HR $525$525$30,000
Mar-18Thu17:40Mini #30: Omaholic Bounty Bash $52.50$52.50$15,000
Mar-18Thu18:10Event #31: Omaholic Daily Main $250$250$25,000
Mar-18Thu18:10Mini #31: Omaholic Mini Main $25$25$10,000
Mar-18Thu18:40Event #32: Omaholic Bounty King $315$315$25,000
Mar-18Thu18:40Mini #32: Omaholic Bounty King Jr $31.50$31.50$10,000
Mar-18Thu20:10Event #33: Omaholic Second Chance $125$125$15,000
Mar-18Thu20:10Mini #33: Omaholic Second Chance $15$15$5,000
Mar-18Thu20:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-18Thu21:40Event #34: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $105$105$10,000
Mar-18Thu21:40Mini #34: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $10.50$10.50$5,000
Mar-18Thu23:10Event #35: Omaholic Bounty Closer $210$210$15,000
Mar-18Thu23:10Mini #35: Omaholic Bounty Closer $21$21$7,500
Mar-18Thu23:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-19Fri02:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-19Fri05:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-19Fri08:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-19Fri11:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-19Fri14:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-19Fri16:10Event #36: Omaholic Forty Stack $840$840$40,000
Mar-19Fri16:10Mini #36: Omaholic Monster Stack $88$88$15,000
Mar-19Fri17:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-19Fri17:40Event #37: Omaholic Bounty Bash HR $525$525$30,000
Mar-19Fri17:40Mini #37: Omaholic Bounty Bash $52.50$52.50$15,000
Mar-19Fri18:10Event #38: Omaholic Daily Main $250$250$25,000
Mar-19Fri18:10Mini #38: Omaholic Mini Main $25$25$10,000
Mar-19Fri18:40Event #39: Omaholic Bounty King $315$315$25,000
Mar-19Fri18:40Mini #39: Omaholic Bounty King Jr $31.50$31.50$10,000
Mar-19Fri20:10Event #40: Omaholic Second Chance $125$125$15,000
Mar-19Fri20:10Mini #40: Omaholic Second Chance $15$15$5,000
Mar-19Fri20:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-19Fri21:40Event #41: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $105$105$10,000
Mar-19Fri21:40Mini #41: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $10.50$10.50$5,000
Mar-19Fri23:10Event #42: Omaholic Bounty Closer $210$210$15,000
Mar-19Fri23:10Mini #42: Omaholic Bounty Closer $21$21$7,500
Mar-19Fri23:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-20Sat02:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-20Sat05:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-20Sat08:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-20Sat11:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-20Sat14:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-20Sat16:10Event #43: Omaholic Forty Stack $840$840$40,000
Mar-20Sat16:10Mini #43: Omaholic Monster Stack $88$88$15,000
Mar-20Sat17:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-20Sat17:40Event #44: Omaholic Bounty Bash HR $525$525$30,000
Mar-20Sat17:40Mini #44: Omaholic Bounty Bash $52.50$52.50$15,000
Mar-20Sat18:10Event #45: Omaholic Daily Main $250$250$25,000
Mar-20Sat18:10Mini #45: Omaholic Mini Main $25$25$10,000
Mar-20Sat18:40Event #46: Omaholic Bounty King $315$315$25,000
Mar-20Sat18:40Mini #46: Omaholic Bounty King Jr $31.50$31.50$10,000
Mar-20Sat20:10Event #47: Omaholic Second Chance $125$125$15,000
Mar-20Sat20:10Mini #47: Omaholic Second Chance $15$15$5,000
Mar-20Sat20:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-20Sat21:40Event #48: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $105$105$10,000
Mar-20Sat21:40Mini #48: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $10.50$10.50$5,000
Mar-20Sat23:10Event #49: Omaholic Bounty Closer $210$210$15,000
Mar-20Sat23:10Mini #49: Omaholic Bounty Closer $21$21$7,500
Mar-20Sat23:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-21Sun02:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-21Sun05:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-21Sun08:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-21Sun11:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-21Sun13:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-21Sun14:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day1]$55$500,000
Mar-21Sun16:10Event #50: Omaholic Hundred Stack $840$840$100,000
Mar-21Sun16:10Mini #50: Omaholic Monster Stack $88$88$30,000
Mar-21Sun16:30Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Last Chance]$55$500,000
Mar-21Sun17:40Event #51: Omaholic Bounty Bash HR $525$525$100,000
Mar-21Sun17:40Mini #51: Omaholic Bounty Bash $52.50$52.50$30,000
Mar-21Sun18:00Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Last Minute]$55$500,000
Mar-21Sun18:40Event #52: Omaholic Bounty King $315$315$75,000
Mar-21Sun18:40Mini #52: Omaholic Bounty King Jr $31.50$31.50$20,000
Mar-21Sun19:10Event #53: Omaholic Super High Roller $10,300$10,300$500,000
Mar-21Sun19:10Mini #53: Omaholic Super Low Roller $15$15$10,000
Mar-21Sun19:35Omaholic Mini Main Event, $500K GTD [Day 2]$55$500,000
Mar-21Sun20:10Event #54: Omaholic Sunday Special $525$525$75,000
Mar-21Sun20:10Mini #54: Omaholic Sunday Special $55$55$20,000
Mar-21Sun20:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-21Sun21:40Event #55: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $105$105$15,000
Mar-21Sun21:40Mini #55: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $10.50$10.50$7,500
Mar-21Sun23:10Event #56: Omaholic Bounty Closer $210$210$20,000
Mar-21Sun23:10Mini #56: Omaholic Bounty Closer $21$21$10,000
Mar-21Sun23:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-22Mon11:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-22Mon14:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-22Mon16:10Event #57: Omaholic Forty Stack $840$840$40,000
Mar-22Mon16:10Mini #57: Omaholic Monster Stack $88$88$15,000
Mar-22Mon17:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-22Mon17:40Event #58: Omaholic Bounty Bash HR $525$525$30,000
Mar-22Mon17:40Mini #58: Omaholic Bounty Bash $52.50$52.50$15,000
Mar-22Mon18:10Event #59: Omaholic Daily Main $250$250$25,000
Mar-22Mon18:10Mini #59: Omaholic Mini Main $25$25$10,000
Mar-22Mon18:40Event #60: Omaholic Bounty King $315$315$25,000
Mar-22Mon18:40Mini #60: Omaholic Bounty King Jr $31.50$31.50$10,000
Mar-22Mon20:10Event #61: Omaholic Second Chance $125$125$15,000
Mar-22Mon20:10Mini #61: Omaholic Second Chance $15$15$5,000
Mar-22Mon20:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-22Mon21:40Event #62: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $105$105$10,000
Mar-22Mon21:40Mini #62: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $10.50$10.50$5,000
Mar-22Mon23:10Event #63: Omaholic Bounty Closer $210$210$15,000
Mar-22Mon23:10Mini #63: Omaholic Bounty Closer $21$21$7,500
Mar-22Mon23:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-23Tue11:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-23Tue14:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-23Tue16:10Event #64: Omaholic Forty Stack $840$840$40,000
Mar-23Tue16:10Mini #64: Omaholic Monster Stack $88$88$15,000
Mar-23Tue17:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-23Tue17:40Event #65: Omaholic Bounty Bash HR $525$525$30,000
Mar-23Tue17:40Mini #65: Omaholic Bounty Bash $52.50$52.50$15,000
Mar-23Tue18:10Event #66: Omaholic Daily Main $250$250$25,000
Mar-23Tue18:10Mini #66: Omaholic Mini Main $25$25$10,000
Mar-23Tue18:40Event #67: Omaholic Bounty King $315$315$25,000
Mar-23Tue18:40Mini #67: Omaholic Bounty King Jr $31.50$31.50$10,000
Mar-23Tue20:10Event #68: Omaholic Second Chance $125$125$15,000
Mar-23Tue20:10Mini #68: Omaholic Second Chance $15$15$5,000
Mar-23Tue20:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-23Tue21:40Event #69: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $105$105$10,000
Mar-23Tue21:40Mini #69: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $10.50$10.50$5,000
Mar-23Tue23:10Event #70: Omaholic Bounty Closer $210$210$15,000
Mar-23Tue23:10Mini #70: Omaholic Bounty Closer $21$21$7,500
Mar-23Tue23:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-24Wed11:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-24Wed14:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-24Wed16:10Event #71: Omaholic Forty Stack $840$840$40,000
Mar-24Wed16:10Mini #71: Omaholic Monster Stack $88$88$15,000
Mar-24Wed17:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-24Wed17:40Event #72: Omaholic Bounty Bash HR $525$525$30,000
Mar-24Wed17:40Mini #72: Omaholic Bounty Bash $52.50$52.50$15,000
Mar-24Wed18:10Event #73: Omaholic Daily Main $250$250$25,000
Mar-24Wed18:10Mini #73: Omaholic Mini Main $25$25$10,000
Mar-24Wed18:40Event #74: Omaholic Bounty King $315$315$25,000
Mar-24Wed18:40Mini #74: Omaholic Bounty King Jr $31.50$31.50$10,000
Mar-24Wed20:10Event #75: Omaholic Second Chance $125$125$15,000
Mar-24Wed20:10Mini #75: Omaholic Second Chance $15$15$5,000
Mar-24Wed20:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-24Wed21:40Event #76: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $105$105$10,000
Mar-24Wed21:40Mini #76: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $10.50$10.50$5,000
Mar-24Wed23:10Event #77: Omaholic Bounty Closer $210$210$15,000
Mar-24Wed23:10Mini #77: Omaholic Bounty Closer $21$21$7,500
Mar-24Wed23:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-25Thu11:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-25Thu14:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-25Thu16:10Event #78: Omaholic Forty Stack $840$840$40,000
Mar-25Thu16:10Mini #78: Omaholic Monster Stack $88$88$15,000
Mar-25Thu17:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-25Thu17:40Event #79: Omaholic Bounty Bash HR $525$525$30,000
Mar-25Thu17:40Mini #79: Omaholic Bounty Bash $52.50$52.50$15,000
Mar-25Thu18:10Event #80: Omaholic Daily Main $250$250$25,000
Mar-25Thu18:10Mini #80: Omaholic Mini Main $25$25$10,000
Mar-25Thu18:40Event #81: Omaholic Bounty King $315$315$25,000
Mar-25Thu18:40Mini #81: Omaholic Bounty King Jr $31.50$31.50$10,000
Mar-25Thu20:10Event #82: Omaholic Second Chance $125$125$15,000
Mar-25Thu20:10Mini #82: Omaholic Second Chance $15$15$5,000
Mar-25Thu20:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-25Thu21:40Event #83: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $105$105$10,000
Mar-25Thu21:40Mini #83: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $10.50$10.50$5,000
Mar-25Thu23:10Event #84: Omaholic Bounty Closer $210$210$15,000
Mar-25Thu23:10Mini #84: Omaholic Bounty Closer $21$21$7,500
Mar-25Thu23:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-26Fri11:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-26Fri14:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-26Fri16:10Event #85: Omaholic Forty Stack $840$840$40,000
Mar-26Fri16:10Mini #85: Omaholic Monster Stack $88$88$15,000
Mar-26Fri17:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-26Fri17:40Event #86: Omaholic Bounty Bash HR $525$525$30,000
Mar-26Fri17:40Mini #86: Omaholic Bounty Bash $52.50$52.50$15,000
Mar-26Fri18:10Event #87: Omaholic Daily Main $250$250$25,000
Mar-26Fri18:10Mini #87: Omaholic Mini Main $25$25$10,000
Mar-26Fri18:40Event #88: Omaholic Bounty King $315$315$25,000
Mar-26Fri18:40Mini #88: Omaholic Bounty King Jr $31.50$31.50$10,000
Mar-26Fri20:10Event #89: Omaholic Second Chance $125$125$15,000
Mar-26Fri20:10Mini #89: Omaholic Second Chance $15$15$5,000
Mar-26Fri20:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-26Fri21:40Event #90: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $105$105$10,000
Mar-26Fri21:40Mini #90: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $10.50$10.50$5,000
Mar-26Fri23:10Event #91: Omaholic Bounty Closer $210$210$15,000
Mar-26Fri23:10Mini #91: Omaholic Bounty Closer $21$21$7,500
Mar-26Fri23:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-27Sat11:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-27Sat14:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-27Sat16:10Event #92: Omaholic Forty Stack $840$840$40,000
Mar-27Sat16:10Mini #92: Omaholic Monster Stack $88$88$15,000
Mar-27Sat17:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-27Sat17:40Event #93: Omaholic Bounty Bash HR $525$525$30,000
Mar-27Sat17:40Mini #93: Omaholic Bounty Bash $52.50$52.50$15,000
Mar-27Sat18:10Event #94: Omaholic Daily Main $250$250$25,000
Mar-27Sat18:10Mini #94: Omaholic Mini Main $25$25$10,000
Mar-27Sat18:40Event #95: Omaholic Bounty King $315$315$25,000
Mar-27Sat18:40Mini #95: Omaholic Bounty King Jr $31.50$31.50$10,000
Mar-27Sat20:10Event #96: Omaholic Second Chance $125$125$15,000
Mar-27Sat20:10Mini #96: Omaholic Second Chance $15$15$5,000
Mar-27Sat20:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-27Sat21:40Event #97: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $105$105$10,000
Mar-27Sat21:40Mini #97: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $10.50$10.50$5,000
Mar-27Sat23:10Event #98: Omaholic Bounty Closer $210$210$15,000
Mar-27Sat23:10Mini #98: Omaholic Bounty Closer $21$21$7,500
Mar-27Sat23:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-28Sun11:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-28Sun13:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-28Sun14:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day1]$400$1,000,000
Mar-28Sun16:10Event #99: Omaholic Hundred Stack $840$840$100,000
Mar-28Sun16:10Mini #99: Omaholic Monster Stack $88$88$30,000
Mar-28Sun16:30Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Last Chance]$400$1,000,000
Mar-28Sun17:40Event #100: Omaholic Bounty Bash HR $525$525$100,000
Mar-28Sun17:40Mini #100: Omaholic Bounty Bash $52.50$52.50$30,000
Mar-28Sun18:00Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Last Minute]$400$1,000,000
Mar-28Sun18:40Event #101: Omaholic Bounty King $315$315$75,000
Mar-28Sun18:40Mini #101: Omaholic Bounty King Jr $31.50$31.50$20,000
Mar-28Sun19:10Event #102: Omaholic Super High Roller $10,300$10,300$500,000
Mar-28Sun19:10Mini #102: Omaholic Super Low Roller $15$15$10,000
Mar-28Sun19:35Omaholic Main Event, $1M GTD [Day 2]$400$1,000,000
Mar-28Sun20:10Event #103: Omaholic Sunday Special $525$525$75,000
Mar-28Sun20:10Mini #103: Omaholic Sunday Special $55$55$20,000
Mar-28Sun21:40Event #104: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $105$105$15,000
Mar-28Sun21:40Mini #104: Omaholic Bounty Cooldown $10.50$10.50$7,500
Mar-28Sun23:10Event #105: Omaholic Bounty Closer $210$210$20,000
Mar-28Sun23:10Mini #105: Omaholic Bounty Closer $21$21$10,000
  • GGPoker launch the $7M GTD Omaholics Series with two new OmahaSquad members!

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Will Shillibier is based in the United Kingdom. He graduated from the University of Kent in 2017 with a B.A. in German, and then studied for a NCTJ Diploma in Sports Journalism at Sportsbeat in Manchester. He previously worked as a freelance live reporter, and video presenter for the World Poker Tour.

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