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The GGPoker Sunday MILLION$ is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a HUGE Super MILLION$ Anniversary Event that comes with a $5,000,000 guarantee.

As part of the celebrations, GGPoker are taking a look back through their archives and selecting some of the best Bluffs, Hero Calls, Gambles and Coolers from Super MILLION$ final tables.

Here we take a look at the best Bluffs in Super MILLION$ final table history.

1. Kanit Shoving With Nine-High

The first bluff you can vote for is between Mustapha Kanit and Adrian Mateos.

On a river AQ7J2 there was 1.6 million in the pot, with Kanit having a pot-sized bet behind. He held 98 and shoved, getting Mateos to fold the Q3.

Kanit would eventually finish fourth for $197,013 which is the Italian's best Super MILLION$ result and his only final table finish to date.

2. Schemion Shows a Seven

Ole Schemion's only Super MILLION$ victory came back on October 20, 2020, after he defeated MrGambol heads-up. However, before then he would be involved in a hand with Matthias Eibinger where Schemion bluffed with queen-high.

The board was KK8106 with 3.6 million chips in the middle. Eibinger only had 2.8 million behind, and after Schemion shoved with his Q7, Eibinger could not call with AQ and Schemion scooped the pot.

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3. Addamo Flush Over Flush

It's no doubt that Michael Addamo has been one of the most successful players in the history of the Super MILLION$. With three victories in June, July and August 2020, his August win came after he defeated Christopher Brewer heads-up.

With 1.2 million chips in the middle on a J876J river, Addamo held 93 for a flush and had bet 407,000. Brewer raised in position with K10 to 1.2 million.

Addamo held the inferior flush, but shoved for 7.1 million forcing Brewer to fold his king-high flush.

Super MILLION$ Anniversary Schedule

There is still plenty of time for you to get involved with the $5m GTD Super MILLION$ Anniversary on GGPoker with four more starting flights still to come.

Remember, you can satellite in for as little as $10 by heading to the GGPoker client and heading to the special High Rollers Week tab.

June 8, 2021TuesdayEvent #27: Super MILLION$ Anniversary Day 1B$10,300$5,000,000
June 10, 2021ThursdayEvent #27: Super MILLION$ Anniversary Day 1C$10,300$5,000,000
June 12, 2021SaturdayEvent #27: Super MILLION$ Anniversary Day 1D$10,300$5,000,000
June 13, 2021SundayEvent #27: Super MILLION$ Anniversary Day 1E$10,300$5,000,000
June 14, 2021MondayEvent #27: Super MILLION$ Anniversary Day 2-$5,000,000
June 15, 2021TuesdayEvent #27: Super MILLION$ Anniversary Final Table-$5,000,000
  • Which of these hands do you think is the best GGPoker Super MILLION$ Bluff? Vote for your favorite now!

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