Become Our Next Club PokerNews Cup Champion on Oct. 24 - Nov. 1

Club PokerNews Cup II

The Club PokerNews Cup is making its triumphant return at ClubGG from Oct. 24 to Nov. 1. The festival boasts 27 play-money events where you can win trophies, PokerNews gear, and other amazing prizes absolutely for free.

The entire festival will take place exclusively in the Club PokerNews (Club ID 811180), where you can already join in on the fun with many tournaments running daily along with fun NLHE, PLO, and PLO5 ring games.

Get ready for some fun, especially if you are anxious to play some poker after following our exclusive coverage of the 2021 World Series of Poker (WSOP). Remember, there is no risk to you for a chance to have fun and win some great prizes!

So read on to learn how to join the Club PokerNews at ClubGG and get into the action.

How to Join Club PokerNews

Joining Club PokerNews couldn't be any easier. Just follow this step-by-step guide or watch the video below to get started.

Learn How to Join Club PokerNews

You will be awarded 100,000 in chips just for signing up. Rest assured that if you run out of chips, the PokerNews team will refresh your balance to allow you to always enjoy the games with the PokerNews family.

Everything within Club PokerNews is absolutely free and it is the perfect place for you to test your skills while having fun with your friends and our community.

Schedule Highlights

PokerNews will be hosting three action-packed events every day from Oct. 24 until Nov. 1 at 2 p.m. ET, 5 p.m. ET, and 8 p.m. ET with the winner of each event awarded PokerNews gear, while everyone who cashes will earn valuable points for the Club PokerNews Cup II Leaderboard. Of course, PokerNews will be congratulating the winner of each event on our social media channels in addition to having an event named after them in our club in the future.

The PN Cup #26: 5M GTD Main Event on Nov. 1 at 5 p.m. ET highlights the festival with a 5 million chip guaranteed prize pool and awards the winner the Club PokerNews Cup II Main Event trophy. "Kill Ashli" will be the defending champion for the Main Event after they first-ever Club PokerNews Cup Main Event back in September

The other events all feature a 2 million guarantee and are named after the players that won the corresponding event during our inaugural Club PokerNews Cup event in September.

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Club PokerNews Cup Leaderboard

PokerNews will be hosting a leaderboard for the Club PokerNews Cup with the winner of the leaderboard crowned as the Club PokerNews Cup champion!

Big prizes are on the line with the leaderboard winner walking away with an even bigger trophy than even the Main Event winner along with other free prizes.

Earning leaderboard points is simply based on how much each player cashes in each event.

The daily winners and the leaderboard results will be updated daily in this article through the series, so be sure to give it a bookmark for easy access. Leaderboard points are calculated by taking the prize won and dividing it by 1,000.

"BBoldBBad" won the Club PokerNews Cup leaderboard in September with a spectacular run on the final day when he won two of the final three events.

Download ClubGG to Play in the Club PokerNews Cup

Club PokerNews Cup Schedule

DateTime (ET)EventGuarantee
Oct. 242 p.m.PN Cup #1: Sheri’s Showdown2 Million
 5 p.m.PN Cup #2: Caracaskid Kickoff2 Million
 8 p.m.PN Cup #3: Moussi's Master2 Million
Oct. 252 p.m.PN Cup #4: Moose523 Mystery2 Million
 5 p.m.PN Cup #5: Jaxon's Jackpot2 Million
 8 p.m.PN Cup #6: WarHawkAU Special2 Million
Oct. 262 p.m.PN Cup #7: Geaux Away 6-Max2 Million
 5 p.m.PN Cup #8: Greekalex03 6-Max2 Million
 8 p.m.PN Cup #9: Lawless1916 6-Max2 Million
Oct. 272 p.m.PN Cup #10: Timmayer_33 Takedown2 Million
 5 p.m.PN Cup #11: SilverFoxx71 Showdown2 Million
 8 p.m.PN Cup #12: IanShirreffs Master2 Million
Oct. 282 p.m.PN Cup #13: Will's Monster Stack2 Million
 5 p.m.PN Cup #14: Dewzerr's Deep Stack2 Million
 8 p.m.PN Cup #15: Moose523's Monster Stack2 Million
Oct. 292 p.m.PN Cup #16: Garland's Gamble2 Million
 5 p.m.PN Cup #17: Moredoethanu Master2 Million
 8 p.m.PN Cup #18: Magoo Madness2 Million
Oct. 302 p.m.PN Cup #19: Renegade Rebellion2 Million
 5 p.m.PN Cup #20: The IanShirreff Return2 Million
 8 p.m.PN Cup #21: GoPhish Cooldown2 Million
Oct. 312 p.m.PN Cup #22: BBoldBBad Bash2 Million
 5 p.m.PN Cup #23: Kill Ashii Special2 Million
 8 p.m.PN Cup #24: BBoldBBad Blowout2 Million
Nov. 12 p.m.PN Cup #25: Vegas Reporters Special2 Million
 5 p.m.PN Cup #26: 5M GTD Main Event5 Million
 8 p.m.PN Cup #27: Last Chance Saloon2 Million

Final Top 10 Leaderboard Standings

"fusilli_me" won the leaderboard after cashing in 19 events including four outright victories. PN-Jaxon also had four victories this festival but was far behind in second place on the leaderboard.

Meanwhile, "dontplayhigh" notched his second victory on the final day of the festival to hop onto the podium with a third-place performance.

PlacePlayerPointsEvents Cashed
8Slamster 441,825.2613

Club PokerNews Cup Winners

DateEventEntriesPrize PoolWinnerTop Prize
DateEventEntriesPrize PoolWinnerTop Prize
Oct. 24PN Cup #1: Sheri's Showdown732,000,000fusilli_me439,920.80
Oct. 24PN Cup #2: Caracaskis Kickoff682,000,000PsiKotik531,753.20
Oct. 24PN Cup #3: Moussi's Master732,000,000Magoo439,920.80
Oct. 25PN Cup #4: Moose523 Mystery842,000,000Moussi431,028.80
Oct. 25PN Cup #5: Jaxon's Jackpot812,000,000PN-Jaxon439,920.80
Oct. 25PN Cup #6: WarHawkAU Special952,000,000fusilli_me431,028.80
Oct. 26PN Cup #7 Geaux Away 6-Max842,000,000fusilli_me431,028.80
Oct. 26PN Cup #8: Greekalex03 6-Max872,000,000PN-Jaxon431,028.80
Oct. 26PN Cup #9: Lawless 1916 6-Max872,000,000DISCO_CHAD431,028.80
Oct. 27PN Cup #10: Timmayer_33 Takedown942,000,000fusilli_me431,028.80
Oct. 27PN Cup #11: SilverFoxx71 Showdown1052,000,000MrOlly0412417,313.80
Oct. 27PN Cup #12: Ianshirreffs Master892,000,000Slamster 44431,028.80
Oct. 28PN Cup #13: Will's Monster Stak912,000,000Morketchup431,028.80
Oct. 28PN Cup #14: Dewzerr's Deep Stack902,000,000IanShirreffs431,028.80
Oct. 28PN Cup #15: Moose523's Monster Stack892,000,000dewzerr431,028.80
Oct. 29PN Cup #16: Garland's Gamble992,000,000Lady Arcadia417,313.80
Oct. 29PN Cup #17: Moredothanu Master932,000,000caracaskid431,028.80
Oct. 29PN Cup #18: Magoo Madness912,000,000coinflipper431,028.80
Oct. 30PN Cup #19: Renegade Rebellion122,000,000GoPhish400,000*
Oct. 30PN Cup #20: IanShirrefs Return852,000,000PN-Jaxon431,028.80
Oct. 30PN Cup #21: GoPhish Cooldown802,000,000WTC12439,920.80
Oct. 31PN Cup #22: BBoldBBad Bash842,000,000PN-Jaxon431,028.80
Oct. 31PN Cup #23: Kill Ashii Special702,000,000dontplayhigh531,753.20
Oct. 31PN Cup #24: BBoldBBad Blowout692,000,000Morketchup531,753.20
Nov. 1PN Cup #25: Vegas Reporters Special732,000,000GoPhish439,920.80
Nov. 1PN Cup #26: 5M GTD Main Event935,000,000RobfromCA1,077,572.00
Nov. 1PN Cup #27: Last Chance Saloon992,000,000dontplayhigh417,313.80

Note: Please contact [email protected] if you haven't yet collected your prize for the inaugural Club PokerNews Cup.

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