Garrett Adelstein on Receiving End of Gut-Wrenching Slowroll on Hustler Casino Live

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Hustler Casino Live may have just unleashed a Shaun Deeb copycat. Dylan Gang brutally slowrolled Garrett Adelstein in a massive pot during Friday's livestream, but "G-Man" took it in stride.

Gang, if you'll recall, was infamously involved in an altercation in October with then Los Angeles Lakers guard Rajon Rondo during a game. Following a minor hand slapping incident with the NBA journeyman, the poker player was booted from the arena.

Earlier in the evening, he competed on Hustler Casino Live against Adelstein and Phil Ivey. PokerNews was on hand covering the high-stakes action in Los Angeles that weekend.

Gang returned once again to Hustler Casino and, as commentator Bart Hanson said, became a "super villain" when he slowrolled Adelstein, one of the most popular and respected players in the game.

Multi-Way Pot has Surprising Ending

The infamous hand in the $100/$200/$400/$800 cash game began with a player named J.R. limping from the cutoff with the KJ. Gang called with his 44 on the button, and then Nick Lucas came along from the small blind with the 87. Adelstein then raised from the big blind to $7,000 holding the K10.

The third blind (Ben) made the loose call with 97, as did the fourth blind (Tiger) with AJ. Lucas and Gang both joined the party and it was five-way action to a flop of 33Q, completely missing everyone.

With $36,000 in the pot, action checked around and the 4 on the turn was bingo for Gang. Once again, the hand checked around.

The river was the K, giving Adelstein top pair. He bet out $20,000 and then action folded to Gang on the button, who raised it up to $75,000 with a full house. "G-Man" had a tough decision to make and took his time.

Eventually, the L.A. cash game poker legend made the call. Gang said, "Good call," leading Adelstein to believe he won the pot. Moments later, after Adelstein had turned over his cards and was ready to pull in the pot, Gang chirped, "Just kidding," and turned over the best hand.

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"Wow, that was definitely in poor etiquette, I will say," a shocked Hanson told viewers following the hand.

To his credit, Adelstein sat silently and took the slowroll in stride. He didn't flip out on Gang but he did have a message for his opponent.

What was Gang Thinking?

We may have an idea why Gang pulled off the slowroll. In a recent Hustler Casino Live stream, as you'll see in this YouTube video, things got a bit testy between the poker players.

Gang won a $200,000 pot with trips against Adelstein's top pair. Moments later, Garrett added $180,000 to his stack to cover Dylan, who was clearly bothered by it. He asked his opponent what he was thinking, and Adelstein jokingly responded, "I'm thinking I want to eat your unborn children."

The mini feud may have boiled over to Friday's game. We'll see if this now forms into a permanent rivalry in future streams.

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