888poker Knockout Games Schedule Features Over $1 Million in Guarantees!

888poker Knockout games

888poker have announced the schedule for their latest online festival The Knockout Games that features 44 events over a two week period.

The festival runs from April 24-May 8, 2022 with over $1.25 million in tournament guarantees as well as opportunities to battle it out with 888poker Cultural Ambassador Chris Eubank Jr to win a $13,000 Road to Las Vegas package!

What's more, any player who bubbles one of the KO Games tournaments will enter a raffle to win a pair of boxing gloves signed by Eubank Jr himself.

888poker KO Games Live-Streaming

The final tables of three events will be streamed live on the 888poker Twitch channel:

  • April 24 (18:00) - Event #1: $109 Opening Event PKO ($125k GTD)
  • May 1 (18:00) - Event #22: $160 Tune Up PKO ($150k GTD)
  • May 8 (18:00) - Event #43: $215 Main Event PKO ($300k GTD)

"I Made My First Royal Flush Playing With Phil Hellmuth" says 888poker Ambassador Eubank Jr.

Event #22: $150,000 Tune Up PKO

The second of three six-figure tournaments in the KO Games is Event #22: Tune Up PKO. It takes place at 18:00 (GMT+1) on Sunday, May 1.

With a $160 buy-in, $75 of the buy-in goes to the regular prize pool and $75 goes to the bounty prize pool. The tournament comes with a $150,000 guarantee. Players are allowed up to three re-entries.

The tournament will also see 888poker Cultural Ambassador Chris Eubank Jr battling it out at the online felt, streaming his tournament live on the 888poker Twitch channel, with whoever eliminates the professional boxer winning a $13,000 Road to Las Vegas package!

The tournament will pause when a final table is reached, with the final table broadcast on Monday, May 2nd.

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Event #43: $300,000 Main Event PKO

The biggest guarantee of the festival comes in Event #43: Main Event PKO. With a massive guaranteed prize pool of $300,000 it's one not to be missed.

The tournament buy-in will be $215, but there will be daily freerolls to the Main Event, allowing you to win your way in for absolutely free!

The final table of the Main Event will be broadcast the following day

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888poker Knockout Games Full Schedule

Check out the full schedule of the 888poker Knockout Games with over $1 million in guarantees!

DateTime (GMT+1)EventBuy-inGuarantee
24th April18:00Event #1: Opening Event PKO$109$125,000
24th April19:00Event #2: Mini Opening PKO$16.50$20,000
24th April20:30Event #3: Late Opening PKO$44$12,000
25th April18:00Event #4: PKO 8-Max$55$25,000
25th April19:00Event #5: Mini PKO 8-Max$11$10,000
25th April20:30Event #6: Late PKO 8-Max$33$10,000
26th April18:00Event #7: Super Knockout$160$30,000
26th April19:00Event #8: Mini Super Knockout$22$15,000
26th April20:30Event #9: Late Super Knockout$55$10,000
27th April18:00Event #10: PKO$109$30,000
27th April19:00Event #11: Mini PKO$165$12,000
27th April20:30Event #12: Late PKO$33$10,000
28th April18:00Event #13: PKO Freezeout$215$25,000
28th April19:00Event #14: Mini PKO Freezeout$55$10,000
28th April20:30Event #15: Late PKO Freezeout$33$7,000
29th April18:00Event #16: Knockout$88$25,000
29th April19:00Event #17: Mini Knockout$22$15,000
29th April20:30Event #18: Late Knockout$33$10,000
30th April18:00Event #19: PKO 6-Max$109$30,000
30th April19:00Event #20: Mini PKO 6-Max$16.50$12,000
30th April20:30Event #21: Late PKO 6-Max$33$10,000
1st May18:00Event #22: Tune Up PKO$160$150,000
1st May19:00Event #23: Mini Tune Up PKO$22$25,000
1st May20:30Event #24: Late Tune Up PKO$55$15,000
2nd May18:00Event #25: PKOmaha 6-Max$55$8,000
2nd May19:00Event #26: Mini PKOmaha 6-Max$11$3,000
2nd May20:30Event #27: Late PKOmaha 6-Max$33$5,000
3rd May18:00Event #28: Super Knockout$160$30,000
3rd May19:00Event #29: Mini Super Knockout$22$15,000
3rd May20:30Event #30: Late Super Knockout$55$10,000
4th May18:00Event #31: PKO 8-Max$109$30,000
4th May19:00Event #32: Mini PKO 8-Max$16.50$12,000
4th May20:30Event #33: Late PKO 8-Max$33$10,000
5th May18:00Event #34: PKO Freezeout$215$25,000
5th May19:00Event #35: Mini PKO Freezeout$55$10,000
5th May20:30Event #36: Late PKO Freezeout$33$7,000
6th May18:00Event #37: Knockout$88$25,000
6th May19:00Event #38: Mini Knockout$22$15,000
6th May20:30Event #39: Late Knockout$33$10,000
7th May18:00Event #40: PKO 6-Max$109$30,000
7th May19:00Event #41: Mini PKO 6-Max$16.50$12,000
7th May20:30Event #42: Late PKO 6-Max$33$10,000
8th May18:00Event #43: Main Event PKO$215$300,000
8th May19:00Event #44: Mini Main Event PKO$55$50,000

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  • Enjoy two weeks of PKO tournaments with the Knockout Games on 888poker

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