50/50 Series Returns To PokerStars From June 13-30

PokerStars 50/50 Series

The popular 50/50 Series returns to the online poker giant PokerStars from June 13 and runs though to June 30. Featuring 50 tournaments each costing only $50 to enter, the 50/50 Series is everyone's favourite budget online poker festival.

The latest 50/50 Series has events scheduled Monday through Thursday, leaving you with the weekend free from the poker grind, if you wish. Mondays see five events shuffle up and deal, with four 50/50 Series tournaments running Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Tot up all the guaranteed prize pools, and you arrive at a sum in excess of $2.5 million, which is pretty cool considering the tournaments only cost $50 to enter.

Most of the 50/50 Series schedule is made up of No-Limit Hold'em tournaments, although there are some No-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo, Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo, Pot-Limit Omaha, and Pot-Limit 5 Card Omaha events sprinkled in for good measure.

The two biggest events, in terms of guaranteed prize pools, are Event #2 and Event #35, which are both Progressive KO Mini Bounty Builder HR SE with at least $150,000 guaranteed to be won.

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Full PokerStars 50/50 Series Schedule

DateTime (BST)Event
Mon 13 Jun5:05 p.m.#1 Series Opener, $50K GTD
 6:05 p.m.#2 Progressive KO Mini Bounty Builder HR SE, $150K Gtd
 7:05 p.m.#3 Monday Special, $80K Gtd
 8:05 p.m.#4 Progressive KO Monday Cooler, $60K Gtd
 9:05 p.m.#5 Progressive Total KO, $35K Gtd
Tue 14 Jun5:05 p.m.#6 Early Freeze, $35K Gtd
 6:35 p.m.#7 Progressive KO Tuesday Hustle, $50K Gtd
 8:05 p.m.#8 Tuesday Supreme, $40K Gtd
 9:05 p.m.#9 Progressive KO, $35K Gtd
Wed 15 Jun5:05 p.m.#10 Season Starter, $40K Gtd
 6:35 p.m.#11 Progressive KO Wednesday Unique, $70K Gtd
 8:05 p.m.#12 Progressive KO, $15K Gtd
 9:05 p.m.#13 Progressive KO Big Knockouts, $45K Gtd
Thu 16 Jun5:05 p.m.#14 Progressive KO, $12.5K Gtd
 6:35 p.m.#15 Thursday Highlight, $45K Gtd
 8:05 p.m.#16 Progressive KO Chubby Thursday, $70K Gtd
 9:05 p.m.#17 Progressive KO Last Player Standing, $40K Gtd
Mon 20 Jun5:05 p.m.#18 8-Max, $50K Gtd
 6:35 p.m.#19 Progressive KO Monday Hustle, $75K Gtd
 8:05 p.m.#20 Progressive KO, $80K Gtd
 9:05 p.m.#21 Progressive KO Adrenaline: $50BB, $45K Gtd
Tue 21 Jun5:05 p.m.#22 Tuesday Marathon, $25K Gtd
 6:35 p.m.#23 Progressive KO Tuesday Highlight, $60K Gtd
 8:05 p.m.#24 Progressive KO, $15K Gtd
 9:05 p.m.#25 8-Max Turbo $30K Gtd
Wed 22 Jun5:05 p.m.#26 Wednesday Starter, $40K Gtd
 6:35 p.m.#27 Progressive KO Wednesday Hustle, $65K Gtd
 8:05 p.m.#28 Wednesday Special, $50K Gtd
 9:05 p.m.#29 Progressive Total KO, $30K Gtd
Thu 23 Jun5:05 p.m.#30 Progressive KO Mini bounty Builder HR SE, $80K Gtd
 6:35 p.m.#31 Thursday Rumble, $50K Gtd
 8:05 p.m.#32 Thursday Finisher, $40K Gtd
 9:05 p.m.#33 Progressive KO, $50K Gtd
Mon 27 Jun5:05 p.m.#34 Monday Starter, $50K Gtd
 6:05 p.m.#35 Progressive KO Mini Bounty Builder HR SE, $150K Gtd
 7:05 p.m.#36 Progressive KO Big Knockouts, $75K Gtd
 8:05 p.m.#37 Progressive KO Chubby Monday, $80K Gtd
 9:05 p.m.#38 Progressive KO Triple Threat SE, $30K Gtd
Tue 28 Jun5:05 p.m.#39 Tuesday Grind, $30K Gtd
 6:35 p.m.#40 Progressive KO Tuesday Unique, $65K Gtd
 8:05 p.m.#41 Progressive KO Tuesday Cooler, $50K Gtd
 9:05 p.m.#42 Progressive Total KO, $15K Gtd
Wed 29 Jun5:05 p.m.#43 Wednesday Marathon, $25K Gtd
 6:35 p.m.#44 Progressive KO, $12.5K Gtd
 8:05 p.m.#45 Progressive KO Chubby Wednesday, $65K Gtd
 9:05 p.m.#46 Progressive KO Last Player Standing, $35K Gtd
Thu 30 Jun5:05 p.m.#47 Thursday Starter, $40K Gtd
 6:35 p.m.#48 Thursday Highlight, $40K Gtd
 8:05 p.m.#49 Progressive KO Thursday Cooler, $50K Gtd
 9:05 p.m.#50 Progressive KO Series Wrap-Up, $35K Gtd

Do not worry if the $50 buy-ins of the 50/50 Series are outside the constraints of your bankroll because there are dozens of satellites running around the clock that start from as little as $2.20. Click the 50/50 Series tab in the PokerStars lobby, then Satellites, to reveal the latest 50/50 Series satellites.

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Play the Latest 50/50 Series Armed With a $600 Welcome Bonus

New depositing PokerStars customers can claim a welcome bonus worth up to $600. Download PokerStars via PokerNews, create your free account, and decide how much you want to deposit. Your deposit is matched 100% up to $600 in the form of a bonus. In fact, your first three deposits in the first 60-days after making your first deposit are matched up to a combined total of $600.

The bonus releases into your playable balance in $10 increments each time you generate 180 redemption points, which in turn are earned at a rate of five per $1 contributed to the cash game rake or spent on tournament fees (6.5 points per £1, 5.5 points per €1, and four points per CAD$).

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