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Paque's Golden Run Continues As He Bags Super MILLION$ Title

Kevin Paque

It has been quite the year for the Netherlands' Kevin Paque. A trio of cashes at the Triton Poker Series Madrid festival in May saw €1,583,000 ($1,669,327) added to his bankroll. Paque then finished third in the €100,000 Super High Roller event at EPT Barcelona for an additional €913,730 ($937,775).

Now Paque has proven he can rub shoulders with the best players online poker has to offer by taking down the latest edition of the GGPoker Super MILLION$, outlasting 175 opponents on his way to claiming $357,739 of the $1,760,000 prize pool.

GGPoker Super MILLION$ Final Table Results

1Kevin PaqueNetherlands$357,739
2Ole SchemionAustria$280,497
3Pete ChenTaiwan$219,933
4Benjamin RolleAustria$172,446
5Thomas MuehloeckerAustria$135,212
6Mark RadojaMexico$106,018
7Pablo SilvaBrazil$83,127
8Niklas AstedtNorway$65,178
9Deividas "PDC Mayor" DaubarisMexico$51,105

It took 45 minutes of final table action before the first player found themselves without any chips. Deividas "PDC Mayor" Daubaris was down to 3.5 big blinds when he moved all-in from under the gun with jack-nine. The action folded to Mark Radoja in the big blind, who called with ace-eight. An eight on the flop proved more than enough to send Daubaris home in ninth.

Five-time Super MILLION$ champion Niklas Astedt was the next player heading for the exits, despite tripling his final table starting stack in the early stages. Astedt lost a huge pot against Ole Schemion when Schemion's ace-queen hit a Broadway straight on the river to crack Astedt's pocket queens. The rest of Astedt's five big blinds went into the middle with ace-nine, which lost to the pocket aces of the chip leader Benjamin Rolle.

Pablo Brito Silva
Pablo Brito Silva

Pablo Silva's latest deep Super MILLION$ run ended in a seventh-place finish worth $83,127, the last score not to tip the scales at six figures. Silva open-shoved from under the gun with suited queen-jack for a shade over five big blinds, and Mark Radoja re-shoved from the small blind with the dominating king-queen. An ace-high board reduced the player count by one.

Radoja was the next player eliminated despite winning Silva's chips. Blinds increased to 50,000/100,000/12,500a, and Radoja moved all-in for ten big blinds with ace-five od spades. Paque three-bet all-in with pocket nines, which folded out the blinds. Radoja did not connect with the community cards and ultimately lost to a set of nines on the river.

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The final five became four with the untimely demise of Thomas Muehloecker. Schemion raised to 250,000 on the button with ace-queen, Muehlocker three-bet shoved for 2,394,183 from the small blind with ace-jack, and Schemion called all-in for around 250,000 fewer chips. Both players paired their ace on the flop, but Muehloecker handed over most of his stack. Muehloecker's managed to rebuild slightly to seven big blinds but then got his chips in with pocket kings only to lose to Schemion's pocket queens.

Start-of-the-day chip leader, and the man in front at the start of four-handed play, Rolle was the next player to find themselves void of chips. Rolle lost a chunk of his stack to Pete Chen then a decent clip, twice, to Schemion. Rolle's last ten big blinds went into the middle of the felt with pocket threes, and Paque called from the small blind with ace-jack. An ace on the turn eliminated Rolle.

Pete Chen
Pete Chen

Heads-up was set when Natural8 ambassador Chen crashed out in third, a finish worth an impressive $219,933. Chen busted in a battle of the blinds with Schemion. Schemion open-shoved with king-eight, and Chen called off his 11 big blinds with queen-jack. A king landed on the flop, and Chen was gone.

Paque held a decent chip lead going into the heads-up battle with Schemion but victory was far from a done deal. Indeed, Schemion came off the best from the opening confrontations and forged a small lead for himself. The big pots of a highly entertaining heads-up clash (watch it in the embedded video above) went Paque's way, and he had Schemion on the ropes in the end.

The final hand saw Schemion rip it in for nine big blinds with jack-eight, and Paque call with the dominating jack-ten. Paque's ten-kicker played on a king-high board, resigning Schemion to the $280,497 consolation prize, and leaving Paque to win his first Super MILLION$ title, and a cool $357,739 cash payout.

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