Winamax Shares Exciting and Action Packed Schedule for WPO Bratislava

WPO Bratislava

Following the biggest ever Winamax Poker Open (WPO) €500 Main Event in history last May, the company returns to the live poker streets at the end of September with WPO Bratislava.

From September 26 through to October 2, thousands of poker players will flock to Banco Casino in the Crowne Plaza Bratislava for a series of action-packed 6-max tournaments. A host of fantastic events fill the schedule and Winamax promises to wow players with a collection of secret surprises.

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WPO Bratislava Key Events

There are 35 events planned at WPO Bratislava and there are plenty of notable tournaments to get excited about. Marquee events at the series include:

  • €500 Main Event (Sept 28 - Oct 2)
  • €750 Battle Royale (Sept 27-28)
  • €300 Monster Stack (Oct 1-2)
  • €1,000 High Roller (Oct 1-2)
  • €200 Mystery KO (Oct 2)

Unlimited entries are only available in the Battle Royale and High Roller while the rest will allow one reentry per player. For the Main Event, one reentry is permitted in each Day 1 flight.

The Mystery KO is a one-day event with mystery bounties being live from the get go. If a player busts an opponent before the money bubble bursts, they will receive a pink token which can be redeemed for a Winamax 'goodie' prize. When the tournament is in the money, players who secure eliminations will then receive a blue token which is then used for the random cash bounty draw. The value of the cash bounties ranges from €100 to €5,000.

Cash game players will also be pleased to find out that there will be plenty of cash tables available covering a wide variety of stakes and poker games. Those who have planned a light tournament schedule will also be able to enjoy a various forms of entertainment, parties and fun throughout the festival.

Omar Del Pino Wins Biggest Winamax Poker Open €500 Main Event EVER!

Satellite Your Way into the Main Event on Winamax

Players can book their place at WPO Bratislava for a fraction of the price by taking part in the Winamax online satellites that currently running on the platform. Prizes include a direct buy-in to the Main Event as well as Main Event package which is valued at €1,300. The package includes:

  • €500 Main Event entry
  • 6 nights hotel accommodation at the Crowne Plaza from Sept 27 to Oct 3 for 2 people including breakfast.
  • €230 cash for your transportation costs and taxes.

WPO Bratislava Package Satellite Schedule

DaysTime (CET)Buy-inPrize
Sunday21:15€10 + rebuys1 Main Event package (€1,300)
Monday21:15€1251 Main Event package (€1,300)
Wednesday21:15€10 + rebuys1 Main Event package (€1,300)
Thursday21:15€ 501 Main Event buy-in (€500)

Go 'Inside The Mind of a Pro' With Winamax

PokerNews Providing Live Updates for WPO Bratislava €500 Main Event

live reporter

The PokerNews live reporting team will be present at WPO Bratislava, providing live updates from the series €500 Main Event. The team will also be amongst all the other activities planned to give you an authentic feel of what it is like to be at a Winamax Live Tour.

Winamax are one of the largest online poker rooms in Europe and they currently operate two live tours: The Winamax Poker Open and Winamax SISMIX. Both tournaments are played six-handed, making them some of the largest six-handed tournaments in the world outside of the WSOP.

PokerNews has provided live reporting on both the WPO and the Winamax SISMIX since 2016. You can check out our live reporting hub below to look through a collection of past winners and champions.

Winamax Live Reporting Hub

Keep up to date with all the Winamax Live Poker Events

WPO Bratislava Full Schedule

Sep-2616:001Starter€20030,00015 min.19:00
Sep-2619:002Sat Hit & Run Battle Royale€10017,00010 min.20:20
Sep-2621:003Sprint - Monday€10020,00010 min.22:30
Sep-2600:004Midnight deglingo - Monday€10---
Sep-2713:005Magnum€15025,00015 min.15:45
Sep-2716:006Battle Royale KO - Day 1€75050,00025 min.22:40
Sep-2717:007Commando KO€15025,00015 min.19:50
Sep-2719:008Sat Hit & Run Main Event€10017,00010 min.20:20
Sep-2721:009Sprint - Tuesday€10020,00010 min.22:30
Sep-2700:0010Midnight deglingo€10---
Sep-2812:0011WPO Main Event - Day 1A€50050,00030 min.19:15
Sep-2814:006Battle Royale KO - Day 2--25 min.-
Sep-2816:0012Wanted KO€15025,00012 min.18:50
Sep-2819:0013Sat Hit & Run WPO Main Event (10 tickets)€ 10017,000-20:20
Sep-2821:0014Sprint - Wednesday€10020,00012 min.22:30
Sep-2800:0015Midnight deglingo€10---
Sep-2912:0011WPO Main Event - Day 1B€50050,00030 min.18:50
Sep-2916:0016Tornado KO€15025,00015 min.18:50
Sep-2919:0017Sat Hit & Run WPO Main Event (15 tickets)€ 10017,00010 min.20:20
Sep-2921:0018Sprint - Thursday€10020,00010 min.22:30
Sep-2900:0019Midnight deglingo€10---
Sep-3012:0011WPO Main Event - Day 1C€50050,00030 min.18:50
Sep-3016:0020Sniper KO€ 15025,00015 min.18:50
Sep-3019:0011WPO Main Event - Day 1D Turbo€50050,00015 min.22:30
Sep-3021:0021Sat Turbo Hit & Run High Roller€20017 50010 min.22:20
Sep-3021:0022Sprint - Friday€10020,00010 min.22:30
Sep-3000:0023Midnight deglingo€10---
Oct-0112:0011WPO Main Event - Day 2--35 min.-
Oct-0112:3024Monster Stack - Day 1€30050,00025 min.18:25
Oct-0114:0025WPO High Roller - Day 1€1,000100,00030 min.22:30
Oct-0116:0026Desperado KO€15025,00015 min.18:50
Oct-0117:0027Ladies Event€6025,00015 min.19:50
Oct-0121:0028Sprint - Saturday€10020,00010 min.22:30
Oct-0100:0029Midnight deglingo€10---
Oct-0212:0030Mystery KO€20030,00020 min.15:55
Oct-0212:3011WPO Main Event - Day 3--40 min.-
Oct-0212:3024Monster Stack - Day 2--30 min.-
Oct-0213:0025WPO High Roller - Day 2--30 min.-
Oct-0216:0031Face The Pros€50---
Oct-0216:0032Rodeo KO€15025,00015 min.18:50
Oct-0217:0033Royal Omaha€20030,00015 min.20:00
Oct-0221:0034Sprint - Sunday€10020,00010 min.22:30
Oct-0200:0035Midnight deglingo€10---
  • Players can also win a bumper WPO Main Event Package with satellites starting at €10

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