Check Out the Live Streaming Schedule for the 2023 PCA and PSPC Events!

PokerStars PSPC Streaming

Get ready for 10 days of PokerStars live streaming from the Baha Mar Resort!

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) and PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC) will both see five days of coverage on the PokerStars YouTube channel, with plenty of analysis, player interviews and more.

"A $10,000 buy-in PCA Main Event is a huge tournament in its own right, and for that to serve as a warm-up to the PSPC is awesome"

PokerNews spoke with PokerStars presenter and commentator James Hartigan, who said that he was "incredibly excited" to be heading back to the Caribbean.

"It's the first time in four years, but it's a brand new venue," he told PokerNews. "And this time the PCA precedes the PSPC — so we've got two big events back-to-back.

James Hartigan and Bruce Buffer
James Hartigan (l) alongside Bruce Buffer at the 2019 PokerStars Players Championship

PCA Main Event Streaming Schedule

DateTime (EST)Time (GMT)Event
25-Jan-2312:3017:30PCA Main Event Day 2
26-Jan-2312:3017:30PCA Main Event Day 3
27-Jan-2312:3017:30PCA Main Event Day 4
28-Jan-2312:3017:30PCA Main Event Day 5
29-Jan-2313:0018:00PCA Main Event Final Table

"A $10,000 buy-in PCA Main Event is a huge tournament in its own right, and for that to serve as a warm-up to the PSPC is awesome."

Last time out at the PSPC, it was Ramon Colillas who triumphed, winning $5.1 million in the process at an action-packed final table, and Hartigan says that he's looking forward to a similar atmosphere for 2023.

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"It genuinely felt like it was the entire poker community coming together. Everyone was represented! You had people from all walks of life, from every continent. The fact you had amateurs, pros, celebrities and sports stars all together...everyone was represented!

"It's a big cliche, but poker really is a level playing field. You can find yourself at a table with anyone."

PokerStars Players Championship Streaming Schedule

DateTime (EST)Time (GMT)Event
DateTime (EST)Time (GMT)Event
30-Jan-2312:3017:30PSPC Main Event Day 1
31-Jan-2312:3017:30PSPC Main Event Day 2
01-Feb-2312:3017:30PSPC Main Event Day 3
02-Feb-2312:3017:30PSPC Main Event Day 4
03-Feb-2313:0018:00PSPC Main Event Final Table

With over 400 Platinum Pass winners attending, there will be a huge diversity in the playing field, with several players living the dream in what is a once-in-a-lifetime event for some.

"There are so many people who are effectively freerolling in a $25,000 buy-in tournament! They might never have dreamt of playing in a live event anywhere near that buy-in, but they've been given this amazing opportunity through PokerStars."

Maria Ho

While Hartigan will spend most of his time in the commentary booth, he understands that he may be short of company if certain players such as commentary regulars Maria Ho (pictured) and Griffin Benger run deep.

"As a commentator, even I recognise that it's a must-play event," admitted Hartigan. "But if Maria, Griffin or any of the PokerStars Pros aren't going to go all the way — the pressure's gonna be on them to jump into the booth!

"And if they don't go all the way, we want them in the booth sooner rather than later. The event brings out so many members of the poker community, and we're hoping to get variety on the stream and bring ten days of incredible analysis and unforgettable poker moments."

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