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You'll Be Spoilt for Choice with Betfair's Bounty Hunter Tournaments

Betfair Poker offers 6-Max, Turbo and Freezeout variants of their popular Bounty Hunter tournaments

If you're looking for Bounty tournaments to play online, then Betfair Poker have got exactly what you're looking for. Their Bounty Hunter tournaments offer one of the widest selections of tournament, with 6-Max, Turbo and Freezeout variants of this popular tournament format.

With buy-ins starting at just €0.20 and generous four-figure guarantees, head to the Betfair Poker client today and you'll be spoilt for choice!

Create Your Own Home Games At Betfair Poker

It’s now possible to play against friends and family on Betfair Poker thanks to the launch of their private home games feature

Betfair Poker Bounty Hunter

Bounty tournaments are consistently some of the most popular poker tournaments out there, with players looking to add to their excitement at the online felt with the thrill of receiving a cash bonus for every player they eliminate.

That means that sometimes you don't even need to cash in the tournament to start making money, it just depends on how many players you have knocked out.

Betfair Poker are offering Bounty Hunter tournaments with buy-ins ranging from €0.20 to €10, as well as a variety of different poker formats. Why not try them all out and see which type you prefer?

Which of These Betfair Poker Sunday MTTs Will You Win?

Turbo and Hyper-Turbo Bounty Hunter

As the old saying goes "Time is Money," and with the rapid structures of the turbo and hyper-turbo Bounty Hunter tournaments, you can fit more tournaments into your schedule! Whereas a regular structure on Betfair consists of ten-minute levels, the levels for turbo tournaments are halved and for hyper-turbo tournaments they're even shorter!

Regular10 minutes
Semi Turbo7 minutes
Turbo5 minutes
Hyper3 minutes

6-Max Bounty Hunter

Whereas regular Bounty Hunter tournaments are player with eight players at a table, 6-Max tournaments feature just six players at the table. This means that they’re faster, more intense, and more aggressive. If that's what you're into, then be sure to remember these top tips:

  • Play Tight - By not playing too many hands you will not only save your chips, but will also have more time to study and get to know your opponents which is also very important.
  • Don’t Forget to Be Aggressive - Aggression is the key to success in all poker disciplines and 6-max is no exception.
  • Play in Position - Poker is a game of information which can be best obtained by playing in position. Because of this, you should play stronger hands from the early positions and a more wide range of hands from the late positions.
  • Believe in Your Opponents - If your opponent is playing solidly and responsibly, take that player’s raises or reraises as a reliable sign and retreat.
  • Isolate the Limpers - Limpers are usually weak players looking for value with small hands. Don’t let them do it even if you have a monster and are looking for easy profit yourself.

Betfair Poker Bounty Hunter Schedule

Here is just a taste of the Betfair Poker Bounty Hunter schedule. Remember, if you want to check out the latest schedule with any last-minute tournaments that have been added, be sure to download the Betfair Poker client by clicking here!

Bounty Hunter8-MaxTurbo€ 0.20€ 20
Bounty Hunter8-MaxRegular€ 0.50€ 100
6-Max Bounty Hunter6-MaxHyper€ 0.50€ 50
6-Max Bounty Hunter6-MaxTurbo€ 1€ 100
Bounty Hunter8-MaxTurbo€ 1€ 200
Freezeout Bounty Hunter8-MaxRegular€ 1€ 200
Bounty Hunter6-MaxTurbo€ 2€ 100
Bounty Hunter8-MaxTurbo€ 2€ 200
Bounty Hunter8-MaxTurbo€ 3€ 100
Bounty Hunter8-MaxRegular€ 3€ 500
Bounty Hunter8-MaxSemi Turbo€ 5€ 1,500
Bounty Hunter8-MaxTurbo€ 5€ 500
Bounty Hunter6-MaxRegular€ 5€ 750
Bounty Hunter6-MaxTurbo€ 10€ 1,000
Bounty Hunter8-MaxSemi Turbo€ 10€ 1,500
Bounty Hunter8-MaxRegular€ 10€ 2,000

Earn Up to 35% Monthly Cashback

In addition to new depositing players receiving a welcome bonus worth up to €200, every Betfair Poker player has the chance to earn up to 35% cashback every month.

You earn Status Points every time you contribute t the cash game rake or spend on tournament fees. Betfair Poker awards you 25 Status Points per £1 contributed and 30 per €1 contributed.

Earn 1,250 Status Points in a calendar month to become a Silver VIP. Keep up the grind and generate 12,500 Status Points in a calendar month and you’ll be a Gold VIP. Both Silver and Gold VIPs receive their own special loyalty mission and both can exchange Status Points for cash payments.

Silver’s exchange rate is €10 for every 1,250 Status Points with Gold VIPs receiving a better rate of €17.50 per 1,250 Status Points.

  • Betfair Poker offers 6-Max, Turbo and Freezeout variants of their popular Bounty Hunter tournaments

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