$400K Worth of MTT Tickets Up For Grabs at partypoker

Boosted Daily Legends

There’s a new partypoker promotion for you to get your teeth into over the course of the next month, the Boosted Daily Legends.

Daily Legends is the umbrella under which partypoker calls several of its popular, player-friendly daily tournaments. All Daily legends are at the more affordable end of the buy-in scale, costing between $5.50 and $77 to enter.

Each tournament has reduced late registration and limited re-entries which levels the massively playing field and is pleasing to see.

partypoker invites you to play in its Boosted Daily Legends and promises to reward you for doing so. Entering any of the Boosted Daily Legends tournaments in the table below sees a reward hit your account once you’ve finished playing in the event. Only one prize can be won per day, but the promotion lasts for a month and $400,000 worth of tournament tickers will be dished out to partypoker players.

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Boosted Daily Legends Tournaments

Time (CEST)NameBuy-inGuarantee
6:05 p.m.The Masters$55$10,000
6:05 p.m.The Triple Barrel$33$20,000-$30,000
6:30 p.m.The Terminator$11$15,000-$20,000
6:35 p.m.The Five Diamond$5.50$5,000-$7,500
7:00 p.m.The Gladiator$55$40,000-$75,000
7:05 p.m.The Classic$22$10,000-$15,000
7:30 p.m.The Headhunter$5.50$10,000
8:00 p.m.The Predator$22$25,000-$40,000
8:05 p.m.The Ocean’s 11$11$5,000-$7,500
9:07 p.m.The Magnificent 77$77$15,000-$20,000
9:07 p.m.The Magnificent 7$7.70$7,000-$10,000
10:00 p.m.The Blade$16.50$10,000-$15,000
11:05 p.m.The Flash$5.50$4,000-$5,000

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What Can I Win From the Boosted Daily Legends?

There are eight possible outcomes when you receive your reward. Seven of them are prizes with one of them being no reward; you won’t see that one often, hopefully.

The $1,000 Boosted Legends Daily Freeroll shuffled up and deals at 10:00 p.m. CEST each day and pays out $1,000 worth of tournament tickets.

Its $5,000 weekly big brother kicks off at 8:00 p.m. CEST each Wednesday. Again, the prize pool is made up of tournament tickets and packages of tickets. The other prizes on the list are self explanatory.

  • No reward
  • $1,000 Daily Freeroll ticket
  • $5,000 Weekly Freeroll ticket
  • $2.20 Predator Satellite ticket
  • $5.50 Headhunter ticket
  • $11 Terminator ticket
  • $22 Predator ticket
  • $55 Gladiator ticket

Join partypoker and Grab Up To $30 Worth of Tournament Tickets

Don’t have a partypoker account? You’re certainly missing out. Download partypoker via PokerNews to change that fact. Create your free account and make a deposit of at least £10 to receive up to £40 worth of MTT and SPINS tickets over the course of a week.

  • Day 1: 5x $1 SPINS tickets +1x $5.50 MTT ticket
  • Day 2: 1x $3 SPINS tickets +1x $3.30 MTT ticket
  • Day 3: 1x $3 SPINS tickets +2x $3.30 MTT ticket
  • Day 4: 4x $0.25 SPINS tickets +1x $5.50 MTT ticket
  • Day 5: 1x $5 SPINS tickets +1x $3.30 MTT ticket
  • Day 6: 5x $1 SPINS tickets +1x $5.50 MTT ticket
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Learn How to Win $1 Million for Just $5 in SPINS at partypoker Learn How to Win $1 Million for Just $5 in SPINS at partypoker