Spin Your Way to the $5M GTD Big Blowout at PokerStars

The Blowout Series at PokerStars

Every Sunday in the inaugural Blowout Series at PokerStars features a huge Big Blowout event with a $5,000,000 GTD. This week's buy-in is $530, with a $1,050 Big Blowout event to round out the series next weekend.

But don't worry if you're itching to play, and don't quite have the cash to buy-in direct! There are still plenty of ways for you to get your hands on a ticket much cheaper through satellites (with cheap feeders), sit-and-go's, Spin & Go's, and more!

Spin Your Way to a $1,050 Big Blowout Ticket

If time is of the essence, and you want to see some constant action, you should consider playing the Special Edition Spin & Go's that will run until Jan. 17.

They are littered throughout the PokerStars lobby both day and night and easy to hop into.

The Special Edition Spin & Go's feature two separate price points. You can choose to play these games for just $4 or instead play a bit higher and hop into $22 Spin & Go's.

The games can be found within the Spin & Go section at PokerStars and kick off once three players have entered at which point the randomized prize is revealed.

Spin $4 Into a $1,050 Big Blowout Seat at PokerStars!

Benefits of the $4 Spin & Go's

The biggest benefit to grinding the $4 Spin & Go's are that are more than five-times cheaper than the $22 version while still giving you a chance to win a Big Blowout ticket valued at $1,050.

Other prizes you can win include Blowout Series tickets valued at $109, $55, and $22 with it also possible for you to be playing for cash prizes of $11 or $8.

Benefits of the $22 Spin & Go's

Did you know? The odds of you winning the $1,050 Big Blowout ticket are more than 30-times likely than winning one in the $4 Spin & Go's!

In addition, you also have a chance to win a ticket to this Sunday's $530 Big Blowout, which is a prize not on tap in the $4 games. This ticket can also be used for other Blowout Series events featuring this buy-in.

Also on tap in the $22 games are Blowout Series tickets valued at $215, $109, and $55 along with the chance to play for $40 in cash.

One other big benefit to the $22 Spin & Go's as compared to the small version is the amount of effective rake you will pay. The $4 games feature a reasonable 8 percent rake structure while the $22 games boast a smaller 6 percent rake structure.

Don't Think You Can Win? Think Again!

Not everyone will win tickets that play in these Special Edition Spin & Go's. We know that and are sure you do too.

However, players do win tickets to big events via Spin & Go's more than you might think.

A great example was in November when British poker grinder Jamie Nixon hopped into a $75 Spin & Go after a day where nothing went well and won an EPT Online High Roller ticket valued at a $25,000!

Nixon parlayed this into a final table appearance where he bowed out in eighth place for $71,387. Not a bad return at all for just $75!

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Fancy a $600 Welcome Bonus?

You’ll obviously need a PokerStars account if you want to spin your way into Blowout Series events where you can play for at least $60 million in guaranteed prizes.

If you don’t have an account, download PokerStars via PokerNews to snag your lucrative welcome bonus worth up to $600.

Create your free PokerStars account, make a deposit using the bonus code "STARS600" and PokerStars matches your deposit 100 percent up to $600. In fact, your first three deposits in the first 60-days after creating your account are matched up to a combined $600.

You then have four months to release as much of this bonus as you can by playing real money poker, including Sunday Million Spin & Go tournaments.

The Stars Group owns a majority shareholding in iBus Media, PokerNews' parent company.

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Jamie Nixon's EPT Online $25K SHR Experience: 'I Literally Can't Ever Moan About Running Bad Again' Jamie Nixon's EPT Online $25K SHR Experience: 'I Literally Can't Ever Moan About Running Bad Again'