Unibet Poker Launches All Encompassing GameLab Feature and Loyalty Program

Unibet Poker

Unibet Poker has made it no secret that it is an online poker site that has its players at the forefront of everything it does. The recreational-friendly site has a raft of features that help level the playing field, from banning HUDs, to allowing frequent alias changes, and now it is helping improve players’ skills with the new GameLab feature.

GameLab consists of three main sections: The School, Achievements, and Hall of Fame.

The School helps you keep track of every hand you have played at Unibet Poker in addition to giving you hints and tips on areas of your game that could benefit from some tweaks to how you play poker. You have a better chance of consistently winning if you improve your poker skillset. GameLab’s school assists you in doing this.

The Achievements section has a wealth of information in is, including plenty of detailed information about your game. Combining the achievements with the School should help take your poker game to previously untouchable levels.

Then there is the Hall of Fame section that logs all your major milestones, including your largest cash game pots won, biggest HexaPro jackpots, and much much more.

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Unibet Poker GameLab Rewards

In addition to GameLab, Unibet Poker has overhauled its rewards program. You now receive 1 Loyalty Point for every $0.01 of rake you contribute. The more points you earn, the higher up the rewards ladder you climb, unlocking Bonus Points, freeroll entries, HexaPro tickets, Bonuses, and more.

LevelLoyalty Points RequirementGame Lab RewardLevel RewardFree Access RewardBonus Points MultiplierBonus Point Multiplier Reward
1-1125 10 Bonus Points   
1-2250 10 Bonus Points   
1-3375 10 Bonus Points   
2500Level 2 Access15 Bonus PointsRegular freeroll access2x 
2-11,000 35 Bonus Points 2x10
2-21,500 35 Bonus Points 2x10
2-32,000 35 Bonus Points 2x10
32,500Level 3 Access€1 HexaPro ticket 3.5x10
3-14,500 150 Bonus Points 3.5x70
3-26,500 150 Bonus Points 3.5x70
3-38,500 150 Bonus Points 3.5x70
410,500Level 4 Access150 Bonus Points 4.5x70
4-123,000 €20 Playthrough bonus 4.5x563
4-235,500 1,000 Bonus Points 4.5x563
4-348,000 1,000 Bonus Points 4.5x563
560,500Level 5 Access1,000 Bonus PointsUnibet Open Freeroll6.5x563
5-1100,500 €50 Playthrough bonus 6.5x2,600
5-2140,500 4,000 Bonus Points 6.5x2,600
5-3180,500 4,000 Bonus Points 6.5x2,600
6220;500Level 6 Access4,000 Bonus Points 12x2,600
6-1390,500 €500 Playthrough Bonus 12x20,400
6-2560,500 40,000 Bonus Points 12x20,400
6-3730,500 40,000 Bonus Points 12x20,400
7900,500Level 7 Access40,000 Bonus Points 18x69,300
7-11,285,500 €1,000 Cash 18x69,300
7-21,670,500 100,000 Bonus Points 18x69,300
7-32,055,500 €1,000 Cash 18x69,300
7-42,440,500 100,000 Bonus Points 18x69,300
7-52,825,500 €1,000 Cash 18x69,300
7-63,210,500 100,000 Bonus Points 18x69,300
7-73,595,500 €1,500 Cash 18x69,300
7-83,980,500 €2,000 Cash 18x69,300
7-94,365,500 €3,000 Cash 18x69,300

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  • Take your game to the next level with Unibet's GameLab feature.

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