Kick 2022 Off In Style With These Unibet Poker Promotions

Unibet Poker Winter Bootcamp

Have you made it your 2022 poker goal to win as much money as possible and increase the amount of value you receive from the grind? If your answer is yes, you need to head to Unibet Poker and get involved in the €35,000 Winter Bootcamp and the €31,000 HexaPro Races.

€35,000 Winter Bootcamp

Many of us are guilty of having overindulged over the festive period, and are struggling to get back into the swing of things. What better way to get your mind focussed on playing poker than by participating in the Winter Bootcamp at Unibet Poker?

The Winter Bootcamp is awarding €35,000 before February 6. It revolves around earning points for completing poker-related tasks. The more points you earn, the more likely it is you will walk away with one of the weekly prizes, which include up to €1,100 cash.

You earn points by playing No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha cash games with blinds of at least €0.10/€0.25. Your points are multiplied by two if you play NL/PL50, and by three if you grind NL/PL100 games.

The following achievements can be completed as many times as you wish, earning you points each time you do so.

AchievementPoints at Hold’emPoints at Omaha
Reach the flop with at lest three other players21
Reach the flop in two consecutive hands42
Play a hand from the button and win or split the pot33
Lose with AA at showdown208
Reach a flop that shows three cards of the same rank5025
Be dealt 88 in your starting hand84
Be dealt a straight flush1,000300

You can earn bonus points once a day or once a week, giving your points tally a significant boost.

Play at least two cash game tables simultaneouslyDaily200
Win three pots in any Pot Limit Omaha cash gameDaily200
Endure a losing week at eligible stakes, one point per €1 lost per specifc weekWeekly (once per race)450
Reach at least five cash game flops for three consecutive daysWeekly (once per race)600
Reach at least five cash gane flops for 7 consecutive daysWeekly (once per race)1,200

Winter Bootcamp Prizes

Mid-Stakes Weekly Payouts (NL/PL 25, 50 and 100)


High-Stakes Weekly Payouts (NL/PL 200 and 400)


Winter Bootcamp Dates

Hit the Unibet Poker cash game stables during the dates shown below and rack up as many points as possible to try and win yourself a cash prize every week.

  • January 3 to January 9
  • January 10 to January 16
  • January 17 to January 23
  • January 24 to January 30
  • January 31 to February 6

Win Up To €250 Every Day in the HexaPro Races

Unibet HexaPro Daily Races

HexaPro tournaments are super exciting thanks to their jackpot nature. They make it possible to play for a share of prize pools worth up to 1,000-times your buy-in. They are even more exciting during January because the HexaPro Daily Races are in full swing.

You earn leaderboard points for every HexaPro played, but extra points for every second game that awards you a 1.5x multiplier. As this is the most common prize pool multiplier, you can expect plenty of additional points!

How to Earn Points in the HexaPro Races

Buy-inPointsExtra points every second 1.5x multiplier

What Can I Win in the HexaPro Races?

The HexaPro Daily races run every day, Monday through Sunday, and award cash prizes worth up to €250. This means it is possible to win €1,750 every week if you top the High Leaderboard every day.

Low Leaderboard (€1, €2, and €5 buy-ins)

6-15€5 HexaPro Ticket

Mid and High Leaderboard (€10, €25, €50, and €100 buy-ins)

PlaceMid PrizeHigh Prize
4-5€25 HexaPro Ticket€50 HexaPro Ticket

Help Yourself to €20 Extra and a €200 Bonus

Now is the time to join the fun and games at Unibet Poker. We invite you to download Unibet Poker via PokerNews. Do this, create your free account, and make a deposit of at least €10. Doing so entitles you to €20 worth of tickets, plus entry into up to four €500 weekly welcome freerolls.

Your new Unibet Poker account comes with a €200 playthrough bonus. Play real money cash games, tournaments and HexaPro games and your bonus money releases into your playable account balance at the frequencies shown below:

LevelRakeCash rewardReward %
Name Surname
Senior Editor

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