ALL IN with Evan Jarvis: Interview with Alec Torelli

Alec Torelli

Playing the biggest cash games in the world doesn't happen by accident and in this episode of ALL-IN, Alec Torelli discusses exactly what brought him to the 'final table.' It's a story of motivation, mentors, self discipline, and putting it all on the line.

If you want to get inside the mind of an FTOPS Main Event Winner, Poker Night in America & Live at the Bike dominator, and keynote speaker, then press the play button and sit back and relax.

Show Time Stamps

2:35 Alec's first experience with poker.
5:10 Using poker as a social outlet in high school.
7:25 Alec's transition from home games to online and casino poker.
13:15 Poker friends and mentors and the importance of having a strong social circle.
22:03 Being confident in yourself and developing a winning mindset.
34:25 Why Alec started his YouTube channel and began sharing content.
46:31 Why Alec enjoys teaching others, what he's learned and making poker more difficult.
50:15 How Four-Step Poker evolved into Conscious Poker?
1:00:30 Building the team and the Conscious Poker brand.
1:05:10 How Alec keeps up with everything and stays focused and motivated.
1:22:30 What it was like to move to Macau and play in the biggest games in the world.
1:28:30 Comparing the games in Macau vs. California vs. Las Vegas.
1:40:30 How to deal with extra pressure.
1:50:10 Cash games vs. tournaments and which format is better.
1:59:59 How Conscious Poker can help take your game to the next level.
2:10:05 Words of wisdom for the end. :)

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Watch the video interview with Torelli on YouTube:

  • LISTEN: Alec Torelli opens up about his four-step method to becoming a poker professional to kick off the second season of the ALL IN podcast.

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