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The Bernard Lee Poker Show 11-02: WSOP Champ John Cynn, Part 2


In the second episode of The Bernard Lee Poker Show on the PokerNews Podcast Network, Bernard Lee continues the second part of his interview with John Cynn, the 2018 World Series of Poker Main Event champion.

Show Time Stamps

0:00Welcome to The Bernard Lee Poker Show as the show continues its interview with the 2018 WSOP main event champion, John Cynn.
0:31Before Part 2 of his interview with John Cynn, Bernard Lee discusses the beginning of the 2018 Poker Masters. Lee also mentions how Brandon Adams is off to a hot start with three final tables in the first three events (out of seven).
1:30Bernard once again introduces John Cynn, 2018 WSOP Main Event champion, as he continues his two-part interview this week.
2:15Bernard asks John how important was it for him to win a WSOP bracelet and was this always a dream for him. John responds, “It’s definitely something I was dreaming about.”
3:14John reflects, “Life is too short to be worried about certain things…As long as I play my game and I play it well, the results will fall where they fall. Some of that is not in your control.”
3:55Bernard asks John if there was a sense of relief after he bested his 2016 WSOP main event 11th place finish. John recalls, “There was definitely some relief when I made the unofficial final table.”
5:05John admits the didn’t play his best poker on Day 7. “I actually felt that up until 10-handed play, I had played the worst poker that I had played in the Main…I think I made some mistakes that day that I normally wouldn’t make. Some of the mistakes came because I didn’t think through enough.”
7:37Bernard sets up the scenario asks John and about the unbelievable 2018 WSOP main event final table bubble hand.
10:15John describes his perspective of the 2018 WSOP main event final table bubble hand. “It was insanity.” Also, John states, “I remember sweating my cards and looking at my first card was a queen and praying that my second card wasn’t a queen.”
12:00Bernard and John discuss whether Antoine Labat could have folded his pocket kings on that fateful hand.
15:51John recalls that Antoine Labat’s final table elimination hand was a misdeal as someone originally grabbed too many cards.
16:28John explains why he played Day 1c. “If I had my choice, I would have played Day 1a…You get more breaks, you don’t have to fight for bathrooms, but I was too sick to play.”
17:40John recalls how Day 1 and 2 went for him during the 2018 WSOP main event.
19:13John recalls 2018 WSOP main event Day 3 and the money bubble. “I had a very aggressive tough table on Day 3. I remember having 600 or 700 thousand chips and I maybe being like fourth in chips. There were a ton of chips at my table and people were not afraid to use them.”
20:40John credits his perspective in life and mental state to a friend who passed away on December 2017. “She was such a great person. Her boyfriend was on my rail at the final table. She is the reason why I’m so positive and keep so loose all the time.”
24:10With 109 players left after Day 5, John discusses that “it does give you that extra motivation or incentive when you can see that the winner is somewhere within these tables.”
25:29John: “I consciously made myself not think about winning the tournament.”
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28:35John discusses a critical hand on Day 6 where he races for his tournament life. “I was fairly confident in the play that I made.”
31:22Bernard suggests that John entered the final table flying under the radar screen, similar to another player 10 years ago at the 2008 WSOP main event final table, Peter Eastgate.
33:00John agrees and feels that it might have been a blessing. “I definitely felt I slipped in under the radar and I was pretty surprised because last year I got a ton of coverage.”
35:17John recalls that Day 1 of WSOP main event final table was “A good day for me because there were not too many tough decisions.”
38:00John compliments Joe Cada for making a great play on Day 2 of the WSOP main event final table. “It was one of my favorite hands of the final table…I have a lot of respect for Joe (Cada).”
39:06Bernard asks John about the dynamic of the ESPN 30-minute delay and getting information about his opponents’ cards at the WSOP main event final table.
41:30John thanks his rail at the WSOP main event final table including Bryan Kim, Bryce Yockey, Ben Lamb and Daniel “Jungleman” Cates.
44:02Bernard and John discuss the epic heads-up battle versus Tony Miles: 199 hands and ten hours of play. John give props by stating, “Huge credit to Tony. He came out and played a completely different game than I was expecting.”
46:10Bernard and John discuss the massive bluff Tony Miles made against John in heads-up play.
48:16Bernard and John discuss the final hand of heads-up play and his thought process.
54:29Bernard asks John if he is ready to be the WSOP main event champion and the next poker ambassador. John answers, “I am as ready as I’ll be.”

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  • LISTEN: Bernard Lee presents Part 2 of his interview with John Cynn, 2018 WSOP Main Event champion.

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