The Bernard Lee Poker Show 11-05: [Removed:139], Brent Hanks


In this episode of The Bernard Lee Poker Show on the PokerNews Podcast Network, Bernard Lee begins the show by interviewing Pokernews Podcast and Friday Night Poker co-host, [Removed:139]. The Texas native, who used to be a television sports reporter covering the San Antonio Spurs, was originally introduced to the poker world with his two deep runs in the WSOP main event, finishing in 203rd place in 2014 and 60th place in 2015.

During the second half of the show, Brent Hanks, 2012 WSOP bracelet winner and fellow co-host of Friday Night Poker, joins Lee and Platt on the show. The trio discuss the new show seen weekly on Friday nights at 7-11pm EST on Facebook Watch.

Show Time Stamps

0:00Welcome to The Bernard Lee Poker Show as the show interviews [Removed:139], who finished in 203rd and 60th place respectively in the 2014 and 2015 WSOP main event.
0:11Poker Central and Stadium has partnered to bring the poker audience, Friday Night Poker, which airs on Facebook Watch on Friday nights from 7-11pm EST. This week’s guest, [Removed:139], co-hosts the show with Brent Hanks (who will join the show during the second half) and Amanda Leatherman.
2:15Before beginning his interview with [Removed:139], Bernard Lee discusses the poker news. WPTDeepStacks held its first event in the state of Texas. The inaugural WPTDeepStacks Houston $1000 main event had 790 entries and was captured by Daryl Aguirre, taking home $143,765.
3:24WSOP Circuit heads to its annual stop at Horseshoe Southern Indiana in Elizabeth, Indiana, just outside of Louisville, Kentucky.
3:44RunGood Poker Series makes its next stop at Horseshoe Bossier City in Bossier City, Louisiana.
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5:37Bernard introduces [Removed:139], co-host of the PokerNews Podcast and Friday Night Poker. Lee also describes Platt’s two deep runs in the WSOP main event where he finished in 203rd place in 2014 and in 60th place in 2015.
6:50[Removed:139] joins the show, discussing how he got into poker. “I was definitely part of the Moneymaker boom. When I was in high school, we became hooked and became absolutely captivated by what we were seeing on TV and we tried to replicate that in our home games. We became more and more and more into poker.” Jeff also states, “I’ve always, always had this passion for poker and that passion has really evolved over the years.”
9:09Jeff describes how he was able to play the 2014 WSOP main event, as he was staked by a friend.
12:16Bernard asks Jeff what his goals and expectations were for his first WSOP main event in 2014. Jeff recalls, “My goal was to take every hand incredibly seriously…My goal was to just focus and to keep that focus alive all day, every day.”
16:15Jeff recalls that he was almost scared heading back to the 2015 WSOP main event. “I was just as nervous and just as excited heading into Day 1.” But after picking off a bluff from Jeffrey Lisandro, he felt “a little more accustom to the pressure, to the roller coaster ride that comes with the WSOP main event…I was so patient and waited to pick my spots.”
18:11Bernard and Jeff describe their experiences getting deep in the WSOP main event with only a few tables remaining.
21:33Jeff discusses his previous experience reporting on the San Antonio Spurs. “An opportunity presented itself to work for a TV station in San Antonio and 90% of the job was to covering the Spurs. So it was going to every Spurs game, talking to the players, talking to Pop (Greg Popovich, the head coach), which was absolutely terrifying…But, that experience made me a better reporter, made me ask better questions, made me listen better and follow up based on what I heard in a previous answer…To learn from them was an unbelievable experience and I genuinely enjoyed every single minute of it.”
23:48Jeff recalls what not to ask Greg Popovich, San Antonio Spurs head coach, or “he will absolutely torch you.”
25:03Jeff describes his transition into poker media, including co-hosting the PokerNews Podcast and Friday Night Poker and moving to Las Vegas.
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30:44Bernard introduces Brent Hanks, 2012 WSOP bracelet winner and co-host of Friday Night Poker, as he joins [Removed:139] on the show to discuss their new internet show on Facebook Watch.
32:57Brent Hanks joins the show and discusses the new poker show, Friday Night Poker, brought to you by partners, Poker Central and Stadium. The show will be shown every Friday night from 7-11pm EST on Facebook Watch. About a week later, the archives of the show will be found on PokerGo.
33:17Jeff informs the audience of the Thursday night preview show, also seen on Facebook Watch. “We preview the action and reveal our lineup for our Friday Night Poker Game.”
35:26Jeff and Brent discuss the learnings from the first episode. “Overall, great game, we saw huge pots and a ton of action.”
36:03Brent discusses the interaction of the fans and recalls how the fans implemented the 7-2 game during the first week. “One thing that is so special about this game is that it is up to the fans to decide and determine how the game, Friday Night Poker is going to be played out. If it wasn’t for the fans voting for the 7-2 game, the biggest pot of the night never even happens.”
37:59Bernard, Jeff and Brent discuss why the $5/$10 no-limit hold’em game makes it comfortable not only for the players, but also the fans. Jeff states, “We’re looking for the perfect blend of entertainment and action.” Brent states, “The whole point behind this (the show) is to have fun and to relate to the common fan and the casual player…The money doesn’t matter. It’s the experience, it’s the atmosphere, it's the comradery.”
40:31Jeff invites Bernard to join a future Friday Night Poker game.
41:35Jeff and Brent recall the widely discussed “7-2 hand” between Matt Berkey and Mike Matusow. Jeff said, “That was pure entertainment for all of us…We thought that could have sent him (Mike) through the roof. For our viewers, they dictated this as they chose in a poll that they want to see the 7-2 bonus enacted…and it resulted in the biggest pot of the night.”
47:42Brent describes the newly built PokerGo poker studio, just outside of the Aria Resort & Casino, which also hosts Super High Roller Bowl, The Poker Masters, US Poker Open, Poker After Dark. “This PokerGo Studio I think is now the number one destination as a poker fan and when you come to Las Vegas, you have to check out the PokerGo Studio.”
51:32Exclusive to The Bernard Lee Poker Show, Brent announces two guests for this week’s Friday Night Poker Show: Randall Emmett and Antonio Esfandiari.

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