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PokerNews Podcast 525: Brent Hanks


The year may be winding down, but the poker season is only heating up. Sarah Herring and [Removed:139] take you through the hottest stories in the game today. 

The Five Diamond World Poker Classic sets attendance records, and the Super High Roller Bowl approaches. Sarah and Jeff take a look at the SHRB lineup.  

Brent Hanks joins Jeff for a quick chat at the PokerGO Studio. Brent shares his thoughts on the Super High Roller Bowl, and dives into his passion for poker broadcasting. 

This week's sponsor: Gripsed Poker Training

Show Time Stamps

0:20Intro: Should we relaunch/reboot/reset the PokerNews Podcast in 2019? You tell us! Reach out to Sarah and Jeff on Twitter.
3:00Sponsor: Gripsed Poker Training
5:40Charlie Carrel's chat with Sasha Salinger in Prague
7:10Jeff hits up two charity poker tournaments: the CSOP event at Planet Hollywood and "All In for CP" at Bally's
8:40The doorbell rings so that causes Jeff's new dog, Buddy, to go haywire.
11:00Sarah and Jeff preview the Super High Roller Bowl
12:10Moving the SHRB to December
13:10Breaking down the commentary team on PokerGO for the Super High Roller Bowl
14:00Some love for Ali Nejad!
15:10WAG Diaries with Ali Nejad
18:00The list of players confirmed for the Super High Roller Bowl
19:40Who stands out on that list to Sarah and Jeff
23:30Friday Night Poker talk! Check out the show here
25:20Super High Roller Cash Game recap
27:45Jeff sits down with Poker Central's Brent Hanks
28:20What Brent's job is like: "It is hectic as hell, very stressful, and usually the audience hates me because of the lineup."
28:50What Poker Central is doing for the game: "We'd like to think that we have content that satisfies everyone, from the hardcore poker fans and pros to just your casual fans."
29:40Why the Super High Roller Bowl moved to December: "It just makes sense. Everything is going to culminate and finish at the end of the's the grand finale of the entire season."
30:20What do players think of this tournament? "No one is lying when they say that this is 100% the most prestigious high roller event in the entire world."
31:00The comfort level of the players at the PokerGO Studio: "It is absolutely the most prestigious and the most beautiful venue you can play poker in."
31:30Brent dives into his transition into the broadcasting world
32:20His passion for broadcasting: "I don't even know if I do get paid, to be honest. I love it...this isn't work."
33:00Brent shares his prediction on who will take down the Super High Roller Bowl.
34:10The Five Diamond World Poker Classic sets a registration record
36:20Alati and Young Agree to an Early Buyout of the $100K Unlit Bathroom Prop Bet
42:20Sarah & Jeff tackle this hypothetical dilemma that Jake Cody brought up on Twitter
47:20Next week: final podcast of 2018!

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  • LISTEN: The latest #PNPod features a chat about the SHRB with Poker Central's Brent Hanks.

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