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Bally's Poker Room

Name Bally's Poker Room
Address 3645 Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89019
City Las Vegas
Country United States of America
Website www.ballyslasvegas.com

Bally’s Las Vegas is a casino hotel located on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. The casino is one of the oldest on the Strip; it opened to the public on December 4, 1973.

Caesars Entertainment owns and operates Bally’s Las Vegas, but it used to be an MGM property. Originally called the MGM Grand Hotel when it was a 26-story hotel with 2,100 rooms, Bally’s Las Vegas as we know it today started using the Bally’s name in 1986.

Bally’s Las Vegas, when it was the MGM Grand Hotel, was one of the world’s largest hotels. It also had the world’s largest casino, but has since been surpassed several times by newer, modern casinos worldwide.

The casino suffered a major, devastating fire on November 21, 1980. Eighty-five people were killed, making the fire one of the worst high-rise fires in United States history. The fire forced the temporary closure of the resort, and sweeping changes to hotel safety worldwide.

Bally Manufacturing purchased both the Las Vegas MGM and its Reno counterpart for $550 million in April 1986. Several renovations and extensions took place after the Bally Manufacturing acquisition, including the installation of a moving-walkway entrance, new restaurants, and a shopping mall called Grand Bazaar that opened in February 2015.

Bally’s Las Vegas, along with the neighboring sister casino, Paris Las Vegas, is rumored to be the new home of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) from 2022. Current owners, Caesars International, have neither confirmed nor denied the speculation.

Bally's Las Vegas Poker Room Contact Information

(702) 967-4403 
Social Media 
Facebook.com/BallysVegasTwitter: @BLVPOKER

Bally’s Las Vegas Poker Room Cash Games

Spread Limit Hold'em$2/$6
Limit Hold'em$3/$6
NL Hold'em$1/$3
NL Hold'em$2/$3
NL Hold'em$2/$5

Cash game are where it is at with Bally's Las Vegas, especially $1/$2 and $1/$3 no-limit hold'em games that run around the clock. These stakes run continually throughout the day, and there are almost always several tables running. It is common to see 10 of the room's 14 tables dedicated to $1/$2 and $1/$3 games during peak times.

$2/$3 and $2/$5 do run on occasions although the latter more commonly played at peak times during the weekend.

Rake at Bally's Las Vegas is similar to other Las Vegas venues. Cash games are raked at 10% up to $5, and there is also a $2 jackpot drop. Limit games and other mixed games have a $3 rake cap.

Bally’s Las Vegas Poker Room Tournaments

Bally's Las Vegas runs four tournaments every day, each played as no-limit hold'em. All four cost $75 to buy into, and they shuffle up and deal at 11:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., and 8:00 p.m. The $75 buy-in is made up of a $50 entry fee, and $25 in rake and deductions.

Everyone sits down with 20,000 chips, blinds start at 100/200, and the tournaments feature a big blind ante throughout; there are unlimited reentries while late registration is open. Blinds increase every 10 minutes, and you get to stretch your legs on a break after every six levels. The $75 daily tournaments each have a small $500 guaranteed prize pool, which, in addition to the rapidly increasing blinds, makes them unattractive to professional players. This results in Bally’s Las Vegas’ tournaments being frequented by players at the more recreational end of the skill scale

Rewards and Promotions at Bally’s Las Vegas Poker Room

Cash games players enjoy $1 per hour in comps if they sign up to the Caesars Rewards loyalty scheme. There are also several ongoing promotions that add value for Bally's Las Vegas players. For example, there is a weekly freeroll with a $5,400 prize pool. Playing at least eight hours of cash games grants entry with 5,000 chips. Increase your playing time to 12 hours for a 15,000 starting stack. Those grinding 20 hours or more in a single week sit down in the freeroll armed with 30,000 chips.

The top 12 players, in terms of hours of no-limit hold'em played, receive $150 at the end of the week.

Furthermore, there are high hand sessions that run a couple of times per day. The player who makes the best hand wins $300, second place receives $200, and third walks away with $100.

What Is It Like To Play In Bally’s Las Vegas Poker Room?

Bally's Las Vegas poker room is located near the main entrances at the front of the casino, so it is very easy to find. While the room will not win any awards for luxury and decadence, it is clean and functions perfectly. There are slots to one side and the front of the poker room, which means the poker room is not as intimate as some of the others on the strip, but the noise is never too intrusive.

Each of the 14 tables has charging facilities for your favorite mobile devices, and are equipped with automatic card shufflers to keep the action moving.

The clientele tends not to be young tourists, who prefer to frequent the more modern poker rooms in Las Vegas, but that is not always a bad thing. There is plenty of value to be had in the lower stakes cash games ($1/$2 and $1/$3) which are popular with an older generation of poker players.

Bally’s Las Vegas FAQs

Does the Bally’s Las Vegas have poker?

Yes, Bally’s Las Vegas has a busy poker room housing 14 tables. Cash games run around the clock, with four tournaments scheduled each day/

Can I play poker at Bally’s Las Vegas?

Yes, you can play poker at Bally’s Las Vegas. The room is usually busiest in the early evening and during weekends, but you should never struggle to get seated in a game.

What cash games are at Bally’s Las Vegas?

Bally’s Las Vegas offers a variety of cash games including $1/2 and $1/$3 No Limit Texas Hold'em. Most of the cash game action revolves around these stakes, although $2/$5 does run on occasion.

Is there free parking at Bally’s Las Vegas?

Yes and no. Bally’s Las Vegas and Paris share a seven-story parking garage located to the south of Bally’s. It is free to use for Bally’s Las Vegas guests, Nevada residents who have ID, and anyone who has a Caesars Rewards card at Platinum, Diamond, or Seven Stars level. Otherwise, your first hour is free, hours 1-4 costs $15, and additional days cost $15 per 24 hours.

Is the Bally’s Las Vegas on the Las Vegas strip?

Yes. Bally’s Las Vegas is located on the Las Vegas Strip. There is a free shuttle service that runs most of the day and night, that moves from various Caesars-owned casinos. Look out for the easily-spotted Paris Las Vegas if you are having trouble finding Bally’s Las Vegas because the two properties are neighbors.