The Lodge Card Club

The Lodge Card Club
United States
1401 S I-35 Frontage Rd #130, Round Rock, TX 78664
(512) 614-4045

The Lodge Card Club Details

The Lodge Card Club in Round Rock, Texas (near Austin) is one of the top places to play poker – cash games and tournaments – in the US, and even the entire world.

There are 82 card tables available following a 2022 renovation to expand the already massive room. The social club (more on this in a bit) is co-owned by poker superstar Doug Polk and vlogging legends Brad Owen and Andrew Neeme.

Located in the beautiful town of Round Rock, The Lodge, aka “Lodge Mahal,” has one of the most impressive mixes of games you’ll find anywhere. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a tournament grinder, high-stakes player, mid-stakes player, or low-stakes player. Even the mixed game enthusiasts have plenty of options at The Lodge.

New Ownership Takes Over

doug polk
Doug Polk

In early 2022, the already established poker room undertook a new ownership team that included some prominent poker figures.

Gambling, including poker, is technically illegal in Texas. But there is a loophole in the law that makes it possible to legally operate a card room. The Lodge, and many others within the state, operate as a social club instead of a typical brick-and-mortar casino/poker room. They don’t take rake out of any pot and instead make their money via monthly and daily memberships and hourly seat fees.

When Polk took over the club, he vowed to be an active owner and not just the face of the business. He’s done exactly that and is a regular player at The Lodge, just like any other player.

Since the Polk-Neeme-Owen trio joined the ownership team, The Lodge has expanded from 60 tables to 82, making it now one of the largest poker rooms in the world.

Cash Games at The Lodge

With 82 card tables, The Lodge is the prime spot for cash games in Texas. You'll discover the crowd, on any given day, is a good mix of recreational players and pros such as Doug Polk. Poker players come from all over the country to get some action at The Lodge, and that goes for low, mid, and high-stakes cash games.

No-limit hold'em games start at the $1/$1 level, followed by $1/$2, $1/$3, $2/$5, $5/$10, $5/$10/$25, and higher depending on the day. $1/$2/$5 pot-limit Omaha and Big O are also popular lower stakes games played at The Lodge.

Special cash games include $4/$8 mixed games (Wednesdays at 2:00 p.m.), $20/$40 dealers choice mixed games (Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m.), $5/$10/$25 no-limit hold'em with bomb pots every dealer change, and $5/$10/$25 PLO/Big O mix with bomb pots every orbit.

Tournaments at The Lodge

Another aspect of Polk's influence on the business is the increase in big tournaments at The Lodge. PokerNews was in attendance live reporting during the May 2022 Lodge Championship Series, which awarded over $4 million in prize money. The $3,000 buy-in Main Event had $2 million in the prize pool, making it one of the largest tournaments in Texas poker history.

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As for daily tournaments, The Lodge has you covered. There are two tournaments each day, and sometimes three. Tournaments start at 12:15 p.m. and 6:15 p.m. Most are low-stakes no-limit hold'em games, with buy-ins ranging from $30 to $250 for regular events, and higher for special tournaments such as the Lodge Championship Series.

Membership and Seat Fees at The Lodge

the lodge card club

As previously mentioned, it's against the law in Texas to take rake out of a pot in poker. But that doesn't mean the casino (or card room) can't make money. Instead of charging rake, they charge membership fees. At The Lodge, you can purchase one of three different membership fees.

Weekly membership: $15 for access to the club for one week. This allows players to buy into various tournaments and cash games, along with free soft drinks and the lounge area. This option requires a $20 deposit.

Monthly membership: $20 for the same access to the club but for an entire month and without the required deposit.

Annual membership: $200 for complete access to The Lodge for an entire calendar year.

None of the memberships cover the hourly seat fee, which costs $10 per hour. Players can purchase time when they arrive at the club.

The Lodge Live Poker Live-Stream Show

Live-streaming is the new fad in poker, and The Lodge already had its own show, The Lodge Live, before Polk joined the club. He didn’t think the show was up to his standards, so he spent money on an upgraded production that has led to an increase in viewership.

Polk himself is a regular on the stream, which is a benefit to the show given he’s an entertaining player. Neeme and Owen also occasionally compete on stream when they are in town.

The stream has really taken off in 2022 and has surpassed 75,000 YouTube subscribers, a high mark for any live-stream not named Hustler Casino Live or Live at the Bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

How close to Austin is The Lodge located?

It is about a 15-minute drive from The Lodge to Austin city center.

Does Doug Polk live in the Austin area?

Yes he does and he's an active owner who regularly plays poker at The Lodge.

What is the rake at The Lodge?

There is no rake taken out of any pot as that would be illegal, per Texas law.

What is the hourly seat fee?

$10 per hour.

How much does it cost for a membership to The Lodge?

$15 for a weekly membership, $25 for a monthly membership, $200 for an annual membership.

How are Brad Owen and Andrew Neeme connected to The Lodge?

Owen and Neeme, much like Doug Polk, are co-owners of the card room.

Poker Tournament Calendar

Tournament / event Starts Ends Buy-in Fee
October Events 2023-10-01 2023-10-31
+ 100 No Limit Hold'em - Mystery Bounty 2023-10-07 $ 150 $ 0
No Limit Hold'em - Austin Ladies Poker Tournament w/ $60 Re-entries 2023-10-07 $ 109 $ 0
No Limit Hold'em - Deep Stack 2023-10-08 $ 250 $ 0
The Heads-Up Open 2023-10-13 2023-10-15
No Limit Hold'em - Day 1 Flights 2023-10-13 $ 1,000 $ 0
October Events 2023-10-01 2023-10-31
No Limit Hold'em - The Big One 2023-10-14 $ 360 $ 0
The Heads-Up Open 2023-10-13 2023-10-15
No Limit Hold'em - Day 2 2023-10-15 $ 0 $ 0
October Events 2023-10-01 2023-10-31
No Limit Hold'em - Deep Stack 2023-10-15 $ 250 $ 0