Vivian Saliba Shares Top Tips That Are Perfect for 888poker's Daily PLO Mystery Bounty Tournaments

Vivian Saliba

888poker has quickly become the home of Mystery Bounty tournaments, having not long wrapped its first-ever Mystery Bounty Festival as well as introducing daily Mystery Bounty events.

Many players only think Mystery Bountys take place in the No Limit Hold'em streets, but did you know that 888poker also runs daily Pot-Limit Omaha editions of the new and exciting tournament format.

So, if you're not used to the dynamics of PLO but are interested in getting to grips with it so you can get in on more Mystery Bounty fun, then check out these excellent beginner tips from PLO specialist and ambassador Vivian Saliba.

Play Connected Cards

The best starting hands in PLO are where the cards connect with each other. Holding double-suited cards gives you two routes to make a flush and you want cards that can also make straights easily, so something like KQJ10 would be considered a good hand. You can make high flushes as well as the high end of straights.

Saliba explains that a more connected hand will generally play better in Omaha. That means that a hand like AK85 is worse than 9876 because of the straights and flushes the second hand can create.

Play Fewer Hands

Even though the rules are straightforward, you'll need to study to become a good PLO player. Despite having more cards to play with, it's actually better to play fewer hands.

Knowing which hands to open preflop will put you in a better position to make strong hands when you're out battling on the virtual felt.

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Try to Make the Nuts

Play with high cards and big pairs but remember not to get too attached to those hands as there is a lot more post-flop play in PLO. Making the nuts in PLO is a lot more important than in No Limit Hold'em.

Bluff with Blockers

Although it's important to play fewer hands and focus on making the nuts like the previous points, it's essential to pay attention to potential blockers in your hands because there are so many cards in play.

For example, if the board has four spades and you hold the A, you have the nut-flush blocker. Watch out for these good bluffing opportunities should the occasion arise.

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Double Check Your Hand

You don't want to get to the river and have a surprise! Don't be afraid to double-check your hand - whether you're playing live or on the 888poker desktop client and mobile app - to make sure you have what you think you have.

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  • PLO is becoming more and more popular each year. If you've been thinking of giving the game a go, check out these top tips, which are perfect for Omaha novices.

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