Dominik Nitsche on Adjusting for Heads-Up Play

Dominik Nitsche

The $10,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em Championship played out this week at the 2016 World Series of Poker, with Alan Percal ultimately taking a first-place prize of $320,574 by topping a field of 153.

Dominik Nitsche of Team 888poker was among the field. Nitsche is back at the WSOP seeking to add to his career tournament winnings of more than $6.2 million while also hoping to capture a fourth WSOP bracelet.

While waiting for his next heads-up match, Nitsche took a moment to talk with PokerNews' Sarah Herring about some of the differences in strategy the heads-up format requires players to consider.

"First of all, I think it's a misconception that people have that heads-up play is crazy aggressive," begins Nitsche.

"That's not true. Sure, in one way, ranges are wider because... you're constantly in the blinds, so you're playing more hands. But quite a lot of pots, especially when stacks get short, will just be limp, check, and then check, check, check, check."

From there he goes on to talk about the importance of picking up on your opponent's tendencies and adjusting accordingly.

Sarah also puts a few specific questions about heads-up to Nitsche as well. Are there any situations when you fold preflop with an ace? (Not many, says Nitsche, but there are a few.) How often are you not raising from position? (Not often, but there are occasions.)

Take a look:

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  • @Dominik Nitsche on heads-up strategy: "It’s a misconception that heads-up play is crazy aggressive"

  • PokerNews' Sarah Herring goes heads-up with @DominikNitsche at the WSOP to talk NLHE HU strategy.

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