Flopping Top Set With Erick Lindgren

Erick Lindgren

Team Full Tilt Pro Erick Lindgren discusses a $100/$200 no-limit hold'em hand against Patrik Antonius on Poker after Dark.

I want to go over a hand I played last year on Poker after Dark. This was a six-handed table where Howard Lederer, Patrik Antonius, and three UFC guys who were basically amateurs were playing.

Howard opens for $600. I have red tens and decide just to call the raise. I had been three-betting him a lot and just taking it, so I decided to mix it up. Patrik calls out of the big blind, as well, and it’s a good flop for me as I hit top set when the flop comes {6-Clubs}{10-Clubs}{8-Clubs}.

I’m thinking, "How I can get the most money out of this and also to protect my hand?" I bet 1,100 and think I should have bet a little more, looking back. But it turned out to be perfect because Patrik had a pair of eights and a flush draw with {q-Clubs}{8-Spades} and can’t really go anywhere. He has to see another card and he calls. He would tell you that it’s not that great a call, but it’s pretty standard. He can’t just let me steal the pot there on the flop.

A very good card falls on the turn, the {j-Spades}. I have no reason to think that I’m beat here. My bet is pretty big, 2,600, just under the size of the pot. I guess I could have bet about the size of the pot, which maybe would have been a little better bet. So Patrik has a flush draw, a pair, and just picked up a straight draw. His hand could be good, but if it’s not good, he has outs.

The river card was one that looks like I could have taken it out of my back pocket and put it out there. The {8-Hearts} gives him three eights now, and I’m just thinking “What can I bet that will look suspicious enough that he’ll call?”

I bet 5,800 and then I put on my “I’m guilty, I’m bluffing face,” which Patrik reads right through. Patrik knows that he can’t win this hand, but he still makes the call. It’s very unusual for Patrik. When I see the look on his face, I know that he knows that I have it. I think he is going to fold, and I’m thinking “I bet too much or I bet too little,” and I felt like I made a mistake in some regard. Turns out it was the right amount. It was cheap enough that he couldn’t fold, and after a little more deliberation and a little more feeling like he needs to fold, he can’t fold and he makes the call.

I was trying to look a little nervous and play along with his table talk. It’s one of those spots where you act differently every time and hope it works out. I was off to a great start and getting the toughest player at the table down on chips — and hopefully on his way out.

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