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Strategy with Kristy: Christina Lindley Discusses Live and Online No-Limit Hold'em Strategy

Christina Lindley

Christina Lindley is part of a growing breed of poker players who are skilled in live and online tournament poker. She has cashed in several major tournaments including a deep finish in the this year's World Series of Poker Main Event, and a win in a $300 buy-in event during the PokerStars USA COOP for $127,000.

Lindley, the latest guest on the Strategy with Kristy podcast, discusses specific no-limit hold'em strategies and how they differ in a live and online setting. Here is a snippet from the interview during which Lindley talks about three-betting:

I think when we talk about three-betting, we first have to specifically talk about why we three-bet. I think a lot of players just mindlessly three-bet because they think it’s a good spot, they see other people do it, or they just get in a habit of doing it without thinking about why they’re doing what they’re doing.

When we’re talking about live versus online, I think a lot of times live, one of the main reasons that I three-bet is to take control of the hand because in a live setting, I think players are more stationary [call more], and they don’t tend to four-bet very often. If they do, they just have the nuts most of the time. So live, I like three-betting more to take control of hands and to get fish in heads up situations where I’m the aggressor.

Online, I also three-bet to take control of hands, obviously, but most of the time when I’m three-betting, it’s for value to get someone to spaz or as a bluff to take down the blinds and antes.

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