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The PokerNews Quiz: When Big Hands Collide

08-19-2017 17701 responses Top results

The poker world is still buzzing from this week's return of Poker After Dark on PokerGO, as well as the return of Tom Dwan to televised poker. In particular, the wild aces vs. kings vs. queens hand involving Dwan, Antonio Esfandiari, and Daniel Negreanu earned a great deal of discussion throughout the week, including here at PokerNews.

It wasn't the first time we've seen aces vs. kings vs. queens this year, nor the first time a clash involving those hands inspired a quiz theme. Below find eight multiple choice questions concerning big hold'em hands. Get six right and you pass the quiz, and when you're done check the "Top results" to see how you fared against others taking the test.

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Question 1

In that big three-way hand, multiple raises led to Dwan jamming with As-Ac, Esfandiari calling with Kh-Kc, then Negreanu folding Qd-Qc. They ran it twice and Dwan won both times (earning a nearly $700K pot). That result wasn’t too surprising, since his aces were __________ favorite over Esfandiari’s kings.

Question 2

Let’s pretend Negreanu called with his Qd-Qc. What chance would he have had to win versus Dwan’s As-Ac and Esfandiari’s Kc-Kh?

Question 3

When Negreanu folded, he wondered out loud if Dwan and Esfandiari might both have ace-king. Imagine Negreanu called with his Qd-Qc, and it turned out his two opponents did have As-Kc and Ac-Kh. What would have been the percentage chance the queens would prove the winning hand?

Question 4

If you have Kc-Kh and are all in versus an opponent holding As-Ac, you’re a little less than 18% to win the hand. But what if you call and your opponent has As-Kd -- what’s your chance of winning then?

Question 5

What if you had As-Kd and were all in versus Qd-Qc? What is your chance of winning then?

Question 6

What are the odds in hold’em of looking down to see you’ve been dealt either A-A, K-K, or Q-Q?

Question 7

What are the odds in hold’em of being dealt A-K?

Question 8

Finally, how often do you rate to be dealt pocket aces?

What do you think?