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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: Countdown to the 2016 WSOP

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The 2016 World Series of Poker is just six weeks away, and already here on PokerNews we’ve been getting you prepared with our weekly “How to Attack the WSOP” series of articles. Topics covered so far have included...

There are 69 events on this year’s WSOP schedule with buy-ins ranging from $565 (for the Colossus II) all of the way to $111,111 for the High Roller for One Drop. There are the usual wide variety of games being spread as well, meaning there’s something for just about everyone.

Today’s Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz is inspired both by these WSOP-focused articles and a perusal of the schedule. Get six of the following eight questions correctly lands you in the money, so to speak, with a passing grade, and if you happen to miss any you’ll get an explanation of the correct response.

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Question 1

There are numerous satellites available for the WSOP events, most of which typically feature _____ structures.

Question 2

When discussing strategy for mixed games at the WSOP, bracelet winner Aaron Steury pointed out how compared to the flop games, the stud games feature both antes and...

Question 3

Steury suggests the transition from fixed-limit games to no-limit games is easier than vice-versa because...

Question 4

In stud variants like razz or stud hi-low, the bets double in size on...

Question 5

Giving advice about six-max. strategy, bracelet winner Taylor Paur points out that how you play from the cutoff depends largely on

Question 6

There is a “tag team” event on this year’s WSOP schedule enabling multiple players to compete on a single entry.

Question 7

Speaking of the difference between pot-limit Omaha cash games and PLO tournaments, Phil Galfond (who has won a PLO bracelet) says that before the flop...

Question 8

Which of the following poker variants is *not* among the 19 variants from which players can choose in the WSOP “Dealer’s Choice” events?

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