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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: Key Hands from the November Nine

10-29-2016 37915 responses Top results

It's finally here. Almost, anyway. After three-and-a-half months of waiting, the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table — a.k.a. the "November Nine" finally gets underway tomorrow.

This week on PokerNews we looked back at all eight of the previous "November Nines" in "A Retrospective: WSOP Main Event Final Tables of the 'November Nine' Era.". From each of those final tables a "key hand" was highlighted, and so for today's installment of "The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz" we've got a multi-choice question concerning each of those hands.

Get six of the eight correct to pass, and if you miss any you'll see the correct choice explained. Also, see how you did against others taking the quiz by checking the "Top results," and if you're logged onto PokerNews your username will appear on the leaderboard. If you don't have an account already, click here to create one.

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Question 1

2008: With nine left, chip leader Dennis Phillips held Ah-Kc and faced a huge shove on a 8d-10c-Js flop by Ivan Demidov who had Ac-Qc. Phillips folded, but if he had called what would have been Demidov’s chance of winning the hand?

Question 2

2009: With three left, Joe Cada four-bet shoved with 2c-2s and was called by Antoine Saout who had Qh-Qs (and had Cada covered). What was Cada’s equity when the chips went in?

Question 3

2010: With three left, Joseph Cheong six-bet shoved all in with As-7h and Jonathan Duhamel called with Qc-Qd. What was Cheong’s chance of drawing out to win the hand?

Question 4

2011: At the start of three-handed play, Ben Lamb four-bet jammed with Kh-Jd and was called by Martin Staszko who held 7s-7c. Who was the favorite?

Question 5

2012: With six left, Andras Koroknai shoved with Kh-Qd and Greg Merson called holding As-Ks. The flop came 8h-3s-2c and turn the 7s, leaving Koroknai _____ outs to survive.

Question 6

2013: With six left, after four-betting preflop with 6s-6d, JC Tran decided to fold after a shove from Jay Farber who had Ac-Qd. If Tran had called, what would have been the chance his pocket sixes would have held through the river?

Question 7

2014: With nine left, Mark Newhouse had 10c-10h and bet the turn with the board showing 2d-4c-Jh-4h, and William Tonking called with Qc-Qd, setting up a dramatic bet and call on the river. While neither player knew it at the time, what was Newhouse’s chance of rivering a card that would give him the better hand?

Question 8

2015: With three left, Neil Blumenfield tried a three-barrel bluff with Qh-8d versus leader Joe McKeehen who had Kc-10s. By the turn the board showed Td-6c-3c-7d, which meant Blumenfield still could have hit a river card to improve to a better hand. How many cards would have helped him do so?

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