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Hollywood Screenwriter Carol Fuchs Wins the $1,500 Dealers Choice

Hollywood screenwriter Carol Fuchs took down the 2015 WSOP Event #52: $1,500 Dealers Choice Saturday, becoming this first woman to win this year and denying the event's inaugural champion his bid to repeat.

Robert Mizrachi Looking to Repeat with 11 Remaining in the $1,500 Dealers Choice

Just 11 players remain in the 2015 WSOP Event #52: $1,500 Dealers Choice with defending champion Robert Mizrachi second in chips. The event played down from 75 to 11 Friday with Matt Szymaszek taking the overnight chip lead.

Shak Over Klodnicki

Chris Klodnicki raised to 1,500 from the cutoff and found a call from Dan Shak in the small blind. The two took a flop of and Shak check-called a continuation of 1,500. Fourth street was the and Shak checked again.

Positively Fifth Street

Noted poker author James McManus is here taking part in the Main Event and is chatting it up with his table mates about his hometown of Chicago.

Thaker Busts Klodnicki

No-Limit Hold'em We arrived to find Chris Klodnicki and Haresh Thaker looking down at a board of . Klodnicki checked over to Thacker who bet 3,000 from the button. Klodnicki came over the top with a raise to 14,000 and Thaker called.

Acker & Klodnicki Stay Alive

With a board reading , Timothy Acker bet 2,000 from the big blind and Chino Rheem called. Chris Klodnicki then raised all in for 3,900 total, which prompted Acker to three-bet all in for 5,200.

Pair of Nines for Kassela

David Benyamine raised to 1,500 and Frank Kassela called before Chris Klodnicki three-bet the hijack to 6,000. Byron Kaverman made the call from the button as Benyamine and Kassela called also.

Mosseri Draws Four, Busts Two

2-7 Triple Draw John Monnette moved all in for 6,000 on the button, Abe Mosseri called, and Chris Klodnicki moved all in for 31,000 out of the big blind. Mosseri called.

Two Limit Hold'em Hands Feat. Chris Klodnicki

Limit Hold'em On a flop of , Chris Klodnicki check-called a bet from Calvin Anderson. He then did the same on the turn before checking for a third time on the river.

Mr. Anderson

Razz Chris Klodnicki: / / Calvin Anderson: / / Klodnicki fired out a bet on fourth street, Anderson called, and the 2014 WSOP bracelet winner called another bet on fifth.

Klodnicki Takes from Benson

Limit Hold'em Gary Benson raised on the button, Chris Klodnicki defended his big blind, and the flop fell . Klodnicki checked, Benson tossed out a bet, and Klodnicki check-raised.

More for Brunson

Stud Doyle Brunson's mounted quite a comeback in the last level, as he's back up to 190,000 chips. On seventh street, Brunson bet and Chris Klodnicki tanked for quite awhile before making the call.

A Double For Doyle

2-7 Triple Draw After the first draw Chris Klodnicki checked, Doyle Brunson bet and the former called. On the second draw Klodnicki took two cards and Brunson wanted one.

Alaei Run Over by Klodnicki's Wheel

2-7 Triple Draw Daniel Alaei was recently eliminated from the tournament courtesy of Chris Klodnicki. We picked up the action on the second draw when each player took one.

A Wheel For Parker

Omaha 8 The board read when Chris Klodnicki check-called a bet and on the river, the , he did the same thing. Parker showed for a wheel and Klodnicki shook his head as he mucked his cards.

Klodnicki Takes it All

Stud 8 We caught the action on fourth street with three-handed action between Chris Klodnicki, Ben Yu and Joe Hachem. Yu had bet, Hachem called and Klodnicki put in the call as well.

Danzer Waltzed

No-Limit Hold'em 2014 WSOP Player of the Year leader George Danzer won't be picking up any more points in this one. He got short and shoved his last 7,100 in with only to get called by Chris Klodnicki in the big blind holding .

Klodnicki Eliminated by Rast

Brian Rast opened on the button and Chris Klodnicki three-bet all in from the big blind for about 14,000. Rast called and both players stood pat. Klodnicki tabled a queen-jack, second best to Rast's .

Ben Hamnett Doubles Through Chris Klodnicki

Ben Hamnett raised all in from the cutoff for 4,925 and Chris Klodnicki called on the button. Both players proceeded to draw one card.

Leary & Klodnicki Double Bubble; to Split 48th Place Money

It took nearly an hour for the bubble to burst, and it's only fitting in a tournament played with split-spot game that two players would fall in the last hand before the dinner break and have to split 48th-place money, Omaha Hi-Low In o