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CardRunners Training: $100NL Heads-Up with Daniel “Markuis” Marks

CardRunners instructor Daniel “Markuis” Marks shares a video preview of a live session in which he two-tabled $100NL heads-up versus a single opponent.

CardRunners Training: Daniel “Markuis” Marks Reviews Hands of $50NL Heads-Up

CardRunners instructor Daniel “Markuis” Marks reviews hands of $50NL heads-up played by his CardRunners colleague Grant “Balbomb” Coombs III.

CardRunners Training: Daniel “Markuis” Marks Four-Tables Heads-Up 100NL

In this video, CardRunners instructor Daniel “Markuis” Marks four-tables heads-up 100NL, encountering a number of interesting spots along the way.

Daniel Marks Discusses Playing Heads Up Versus Nemesis

Daniel "Markuis" Marks siscusses playing heads up versus a nemesis he often plays against.