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More Eliminations Coming In

Among those to join the list of today's casualties were Joao Simao, Scott Margereson, Vladimir Troyanovskiy and Claas Segebrecht. Freddy Deeb had been nursing a short stack for quite some time and ran out of chips as well.

Some Recovery from Deeb

Michel Pereira Marques was moved as next player in the big blind and Freddy Deeb was quite happy about that. "Can you believe that? They moved him away.

Deeb Folds Aces

Poker legend Freddy Deeb is among those to take a seat on Day 1a of the PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo. In a blind battle, Deed held and bet 3,500 on a board.

Retrospective of the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic

The WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic is about to celebrate its 15th anniversary. Learn about its long and storied tradition.

Two Bracelets and Over 400 Cashes Make the Unknown Randy Holland a True Poker Treasure

With two WSOP gold bracelets and over 400 live cashes, Randy Holland is one of the most successful players you don't know.

Former Champion Steve O'Dwyer Eliminated

In Season 9 Steve O'Dwyer took down the EPT Grand Final in Monaco for €1.2 million, but this year he's among the first to hit the rail.

WPT Champions Challenge Hits Sweet 16; Can Anyone Stop Negreanu?

The WPT Champions Challenge has reached the Sweet 16, and Daniel Negreanu is the clear favorite.

A Look Back Through the Sparkling History of the World Poker Tour Five Diamond

A retrospective look at the World Poker Tour Five Diamond Main Event at Bellagio.

Delaney Leads After Day 3 of 2015 WPT Montreal Main Event with 16 Left

Trevor Delaney led the final 16 players after Day 3 of 2015 WPT Montreal Main Event.

Deeb is Done

Freddy Deeb was under the gun when he pushed all in with his short stack.

Harpreet Gill is Holding the Most Chips as Day 3 Gets Set

Just 63 players remain as players get set for Day 3 of 2015 WPT Montreal here at Playground Poker Club. The blind levels increase to 90 minutes in length today as the players start getting deeper into the money.

2015 WPT Montreal Slips Into Money Before Day 2 Ends; Gill Leads

Day 2 of the 2015 WPT Montreal Main Event finished in the money with Harpreet Gill in the lead.

Two Pairs for Gualtieri!

Cate Hall was in the cutoff seat and raised to 12,000. Joe Gualtieri was on the button an pushed all in for his last 40,000. Not wanting to miss the big pot, David Quang called from the small blind, and then Freddy Deeb went in the tank.

The Final Starting Flight Ready for Takeoff

World Poker Tour is ready to fire Day 1c, the final starting day in its third Canadian event of 2015. WPT Montreal is hosted by Playground Poker Club in Kahnawake, Quebec, just across the St.

Freddy Deeb Among Chip Leaders After Day 1b of WPT Montreal Main Event

Freddy Deeb finished among the chip leaders after Day 1b of the WPT Montreal Main Event.

Picking Away at Deeb's Big Stack

The board was at the turn with on the table and Freddy Deeb bet 6,000, getting a call from his one opponent. The turn was the and Deeb fired again, this time for 9,000. His opponent took little time pushing all in for 30,300.

Deeb Gets Pushed Out

The player under the gun raised to 1,200 and Freddy Deeb responded with a three-bet to 5,200, which his opponent called. The dealer burned a card and flopped . Both players checked and the dealer turned over the .

Deeb Takes out Taylor

On the turn with the board reading , Thomas Taylor checked to Freddy Deeb who threw in a bet of 3,000. Taylor called and the dealer put down a river of .

Brian Altman Tops WPT Montreal Main Event After Day 1a

Brian Altman topped the field after Day 1a of the 2015 World Poker Tour Montreal Main Event.

Leah and Deeb Go to Showdown

On a flop of , Mike Leah checked, Chris Swaminathan checked, and Freddy Deeb bet 1,600. Leah called but Swaminathan folded. The turn was the and both Leah and Deeb checked to see the river of . Leah checked and Deeb checked behind.