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In this week's "Hand of the Day," Alec Torelli discusses a cash game hand involving a reader and Team PokerStars Pro Online member Randy "nanonoko" Lew.

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Jason Somerville's popular and entertaining Twitch channel provides a constant source of instruction in poker strategy and theory for players of all levels.

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This week's Talking Poker introduces "reverse implied odds" and brings in Randy Lew of PokerStars' Team Online to help explain the concept.

VIDEO: Randy Lew on Reverse Implied Odds

PokerStars Team Online Pro Randy Lew discusses what "reverse implied odds" means and how it applies to poker.

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On the latest Strategy with Kristy Podcast, Daniel Negreanu, Randy Lew, and Mickey Peterson share a hand played during the PokerStars and Monte Carlo Casino EPT Grand Final.

Randy Lew Discusses a Hand from the World Series of Poker

Randy Lew discusses a hand he played in the first level of Event #12 in the 2011 WSOP that illustrates why slow-playing in early stages is less optimal.