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Tag: Ryan Daut

Welcome to the 13th PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event

Today, at 12 p.m. local time, the 2016 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event will commence.

Ike Haxton Talks About his First EPT Experience

Today Team PokerStars Pro Online Ike Haxton's playing another EPT series in Prague, but today we were more interested to hear when he played his first one.

Daut Out

According to Barry Shulman, Ryan Daut got all in preflop against a player with , and he's now out of the tournament.

Daut Doubles

After a player in late position limped Ryan Daut in the cut off bet out 1,200. Action then folded around to a player in late position who limped in. This late position player then reraised and made it 9,200.

Tuveson Straightens His Stack

Tim Tuveson opened from the cutoff +1 to 7,000. Ryan Daut moved all in from the small blind after a short tank.

Daut Slips

Ryan Daut had bet 2,500 into a flop of and got a call from the other player involved in the pot. The turn was the and both players checked. The river was the and Daut wouldn't check again, making a bet of 5,200.

No Daut

The cutoff seat raised to 400 and Ryan Daut reraised from the big blind to 1,400. The cutoff made it 3,500 and Daut flatted. The flop came down and Daut checked. His opponent fired 5,000 and Daut made the call.

The Benefit of the Daut

Ryan Daut was down to about 11,500 when he raised to 600 from under the gun and got two callers. The flop came . Daut bet 1,100, not enough to scare away either opponent, as both called. The turn was the .

Daut is Out

Riku Koivurinne and Samuel Trickett did a number on Ryan Daut a few hands prior to his final hand. On this hand, he was all in in the big blind. Koivurinne had raised the action to 18,000 from the cutoff with . Daut held only .

Millar-Time for Daut

Ryan Daut got all in preflop with Alex Millar. Millar held big slick, , and Daut held . It would be a race situation for a pot over 150,000. Millar was the one with his tournament life on the line.

Hogbom Doubles Through Daut

Ryan Daut called Mikael Hogbom's all in preflop. Daut held to Hogbom's . As we all know, things aren't always fair in poker. The board ran out to allow Hogbom a double-up through Daut.

No Daut

A player in late position raised to 3,500. Ryan Daut moved all in for 18,000 from the small blind. Mikael Hogbom made the call and the original raiser folded.

Daut and James Controlling Tables

Both Ryan Daut and Kenna James have begun their day exercising a lot of table control. Daut has been taking down the majority of pots preflop and controlling the action at his table.

Starting Strong for Daut

From the cutoff, Ryan Daut raised to 150. The button called and the big blind also called. The three players saw the flop come . The first player checked to Daut, who bet 300. The button called and the first payer then folded.

Daut Triples

Ryan Daut has just tripled through Roland de Wolfe and an unknown player. Daut got all his chips in preflop, but de Wolfe and the other player created a side pot with their bet sizes.

Ryan Daut Has Been Eliminated

Daut moved all in with and was called by a player holding pocket jacks. The flop came ten high but Daut didn't improve from there and was eliminated.

Another Brutal Table

Joe Hachem has just taken his seat at Table #4, the same table as Sorel Mizzi, Ryan Daut and 2006 Main Event final tableist Richard Lee. The TV cameras are buzzing around that table right now.

Through The Field

2006 World Champion Jamie Gold is playing in today's event, as are Alexander Kostritsyn, Roland de Wolfe, Kevin Saul, Ryan Daut, and Steve Paul-Ambrose

Event #11: Ryan Daut

Ryan Daut busts early in the shoot-out event.

Ryan Daut Doubles

With 11,000 chips already in the pot on a board of Ryan Daut moved his last 4,000 chips into the middle and his opponent made the call. Daut tabled for a full house which was good to collect the huge pot worth around 20,000 in chips.