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Three Ways to Respond Versus a Table Full of Limpers

What's the best approach versus a table full of limpers? Here are three ways of responding, all of which involve taking advantage of others' passivity.

How to Play Top Pair, Top Kicker on a Coordinated Board

Hand analysis: Jonathan Little makes top pair, top kicker but might be beaten.

Introducing a New PLO Variant -- PLO 3-2-1

PokerStars is constantly innovating when it comes to introducing new games, such as when running a "Pot-Limit Omaha 3-2-1" event in Prague last month.

Replacing Mistakes with Mistakes in Poker

Nate Meyvis (Thinking Poker Podcast) discusses how poker learning often works, with players correcting earlier mistakes only to replace them with new ones.

Five Great Ways to Induce Action in Your Home Game

Sometimes home poker games become "rock fests" full of nitty players. Here are five ways to get action going and help make the game more fun and inviting.

Your Opponent Is a Maniac: How Far Do You Go With Pocket Jacks?

Normally you want to avoid huge all-in confrontations with pocket jacks, but if your opponent is a maniac you may have to rethink, says Jonathan Little.

Hand Analysis: You River the Nuts -- Bet Big or Small?

Jonathan Little analyzes a hand from a European Poker Tour event in which he rivers the nuts and has to decide how big or little to bet for value.

Big Problems in Hold'em with "Big Card" Hands

Getting dealt two Broadway cards is often encouragement to get involved, but a lot of these "big card" hands can cause big problems if you're not careful.

MTT Strategy: How to Make Poker Tournaments Profitable

An overview of our "10 Multi-Table Tournament Tips" series covering a wide range of topics including help with the early, middle, and late stages of MTTs.

A Bold Bluff and a Sick Spot: Sin Melin Discusses Hands from 888Live London

English pro Sin Melin discusses a couple of interesting hands from her Main Event run at the recently completed 888Live Poker Festival London.

Five Common Mistakes Made by No-Limit Hold’em Beginners

New no-limit hold'em players tend to make the same mistakes when first starting out, including playing too passively and too predictably.

10 Multi-Table Tournament Tips: In the Money

Multi-table tournament strategy advice for the "in the money" stage of a tournament -- after the bubble has burst, but before the final table.

10 Multi-Table Tournament Tips: Strategy on the Bubble

Moving ahead in our "10 Multi-Table Tournament Tips," some advice for how best to approach the bubble stage whether your stack is big, medium, or short.

Taking Advantage of Weak-Tight Opponents in Home Games

Poker author Ashley Adams offers advice for how to exploit weak-tight players by using aggression against them both before and after the flop.

How to Beat the Loose-Aggressive Home Game Player

Ashley Adams addresses a common situation in home games with advice for dealing with an aggressive "bully" making it hard to play your normal, solid game.

10 Multi-Table Tournament Tips: Middle Stage Strategy

The middle stage of a multi-table tournament is where stack sizes begin to differ and become especially important when it comes to your strategy.

Maximizing Value and Controlling the Pot Size Simultaneously

Carlos Welch analyzes an interesting WSOP Main Event hand from Day 5 in which Gaelle Baumann manages both to maximize value and exert pot control.

10 Multi-Table Tournament Tips: How to Play the Early Levels

Early levels in tournaments matter! Some discussion of strategy considerations for the opening (pre-ante) levels of a multi-table tournament.

10 Multi-Table Tournament Tips: Chip Accumulation vs. Survival

Continuing our "10 Multi-Table Tournament Tips" series, a discussion of two important objectives in tournaments -- accumulating chips and surviving.

Building Your Bankroll With 888poker's BLAST Sit-n-Gos

Start maximizing your profit by following these eight tips when playing 888poker's "super-turbo," lottery-style sit-n-go game BLAST.