Now Live 2017 Super High Roller Bowl PokerStars Championship Sochi

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Dentale Folds to Gross

In a hand that stretched well into the break, Mike Dentale was considering calling off his stack in a blind battle against Steve Gross, who had put Dentale all in for about 11,000.

Gross Falls to Winter

One hand after the elimination of JJ Liu, Jeff Gross moved all in via three-bet shove out of the small blind against the raise of Sean Winter on the button. Gross had 108,500 chips left and Winter had that covered by a few big blinds.

Steve Gross Eliminated in 7th Place ($51,676)

Hands #91 Jeff Blenkarn opened for 110,000 and Steve Gross made it 250,000. Blenkarn moved all in and Gross made the call.

Hands #87-90: Kachan Doubles, Gross Short

Hand #87: Viktor Skoldstedt raised to 105,000 and Jeff Blenkarn called out of the big blind. On the flop, Blenkarn check-raised all-in and Skoldstedt folded after making a continuation bet of 130,000.

Hands #77-82: Recovery Mode From Skoldstedt, Kachan Doubles

Hand #77: Viktor Skoldstedt moved all in from the small blind and enforced a fold from Neo Hoang. Hand #78: Skoldsted raised to 105,000 and claimed the blinds and antes.

Hands #73-76: Doubles For Blenkarn and Egan

Hand #73: Mike Kachan moved all in and took it down. Hand #74: Eric Shanks opened for 105,000 and Jeff Blenkarn moved all in for 275,000. The blinds folded and Shanks called with . Blenkarn had .

Hands #57-61: Gross Pays Off Skoldstedt

Hand #57: Steve Gross raised to 80,000 and Viktor Skoldstedt called from two seats over. On the flop, both players checked. The turn saw Gross check-calling 130,000 rather quickly and the river completed the board.

Hands #40-44: Skoldstedt Doubles with Flip

Hand #40: Neo Hoang raised to 80,000 and took the blinds and antes. Hand #41: Ray Henson raised to 60,000 and won the blinds and antes. Hand #42: Steve Gross made it 65,000 and scooped the pot.

Hands #35-39: Gross Doubles Up

Hand #35: Eric Shanks made it 65,000 and won the antes and blinds. Hand #36: Raymond Henson with the raise and take it. Hand #37: Richard Milne made it 65,000 on the button and tool it down. Hand #38: Eric Shanks got a walk.

Hands #31-34: Blenkarn and Kachan Double Up

Hand #31: Eric Shanks raised to 65,000 and took down the blinds and antes. Hand #32: Richard Milne raised to 65,000 and Mike Kachan called in the big blind only to fold the flop to a continuation bet of his opponent.

Hands #21-25: Two Flops, No Drops

Hand #21: Andrew Egan raised to 48,000 and folded to the three-bet of Raymond Henson. Hand #22: Viktor Skoldstedt made it 50,000 to go and won the blinds and antes.

Salsberg Doubles Up

Steve Gross opened for 33,000 and Matt Salsberg, who had gotten short, moved all in for 148,000 from the button. The blinds folded and after Gross got a count he made the call hoping to knock a third player out in under an hour.

Daniel Riley Eliminated in 13th Place ($18,180)

Daniel Riley opened and Steve Gross thought for a short time before three-betting him from the small blind. Back around to Riley who sat still for a moment before moving all in. Gross snapped him off to put Riley at risk.

Robert Merulla Eliminated in 15th Place ($18,180)

Robert Merulla opened to 37,000 and Steve Gross three-bet him to 100,000. This had happened in one of the early hands of play and Merulla had folded. This time, however, he moved all in, and Gross quickly called.

Guillaume Jenner Eliminated in 20th Place ($11,544)

Guillaume Jenner moved all in and Ray Henson moved all in too. Just to add the party Steve Gross moved all in too. Henson had them both covered and the three players turned their cards over. Jenner Vs Henson Vs Gross .

Gross has no Doubt About Haupt

Joshua Haupt raised to 24,000 and Steve Gross three-bet to 80,000 before Haupt moved all in with pocket jacks. Gross snap called with pocket kings and that won the pot.

Speicher and Cheng Busto

Steve Gross doubled up with against the pocket jacks of Michael Marckx and then raised from early position. Eric Speicher moved all in for 65,500 with and was unable to improve against the of Gross.

Gross Calls Thrice

A player completed out of the small blind, 2013 WSOP bracelet winner Steve Gross raised out of the big blind, and Gross called. The dealer fanned , the player checked, and Gross continued for 700.

Gimbel Raises River

Steve Gross checked to Harrison Gimbel on a flop of , and the 2010 PCA Main Event winner tossed out a bet of 225. Gross called. The turn was the , and both players checked. The river was the .

Getting The Best Of It

Erick Lindgren seems to be getting the most out of a tough table draw that includes Thayer Rasmussen and Steve Gross. The two-time WSOP Bracelet Winner has earned a double up early on and now has close to 7k.