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Tag: Tournament Strategy

Big River Decisions in GPL Playoffs as Montreal Takes Title

The Global Poker League has crowned its first champion, with the final series between Montreal and Berlin producing some interesting strategic decisions.

Hand Review: Matt Affleck Leads the Flop with a Set

Hand analysis: After flopping a set versus David Vamplew, Matt Affleck chooses to lead the flop rather than check in this PokerStars Festival NJ hand.

Is He Bluffing? Brian Rast Suspects Anatoly Filatov's River Bet in GPL Playoffs

The Global Poker League Eurasia Conference finals produced some interesting poker, including this Game 7 hand in which Anatoly Filatov bluffed Brian Rast.

Using PokerStars Tools To Your Advantage

A look at some of the many tools available within the PokerStars client that can help you improve as a player and gain an edge on your opponents.

"This Was a Fun Hand": Mike McDonald vs. Jonathan Jaffe in GPL Playoffs

A fun hand between Mike McDonald and Jonathan Jaffe in the Global Poker League playoffs involves value betting, slow playing, hand reading, and more.

How to Play -- or Not to Play -- from the Small Blind

A discussion of small blind strategy in no-limit hold'em, pointing out the temptations of playing from the SB and the pitfalls that can arise when you do.

Saving a Few Behind: Jonathan Little Makes a Not-Quite All-In River Bet

Poker pro, coach, and author Jonathan Little analyzes a hand from an EPT Main Event in which he decided to make a not-quite all-in bet on the river.

Two Things You Should Never Say at a Poker Table

Players often say things like "I had to call" or "I knew he had it" to explain away what are bad decisions. Resist the urge to make such justifications.

Advice from Alex "Assassinato" Fitzgerald: "This Doesn't Work Live!"

Alex "Assassinato" Fitzgerald explains how to go about assessing and using opponents' ranges when playing live -- it's not as hard as you might think.

Hand Analysis: You River the Nuts -- Bet Big or Small?

Jonathan Little analyzes a hand from a European Poker Tour event in which he rivers the nuts and has to decide how big or little to bet for value.

Big Problems in Hold'em with "Big Card" Hands

Getting dealt two Broadway cards is often encouragement to get involved, but a lot of these "big card" hands can cause big problems if you're not careful.

"No Cigar," or How to Exploit the Psychology of the Near-Miss

"Near-miss" hands happen a lot in poker. Some players can't help but be preoccupied by them, and if you pay attention, you can profit from their obsession.

Chris Moorman Readying for 888poker's 5th Anniversary Mega Deep

888poker Ambassador Chris Moorman isn't the only one excited about the $500K gtd. 5th Anniversary Mega Deep coming up November 27th.

Hand Review: Getting Creative Early in a Tournament

Mo Nuwwarah breaks down an early hand he played in a WSOP Circuit Main Event where he chose to take a creative line and it paid off.

Winning Strategies for PokerStars' "Beat the Clock" Games

Some advice about how to approach PokerStars' new "Beat the Clock" games, an interesting new online hybrid of cash games and tournaments.

A Lesson in Value Betting: Mats Karlsson Gets Paid on the River

Mats Karlsson describes a hand from his deep run in the European Poker Tour Malta Main Event well illustrating the challenge of proper value bet sizing.

MTT Strategy: How to Make Poker Tournaments Profitable

An overview of our "10 Multi-Table Tournament Tips" series covering a wide range of topics including help with the early, middle, and late stages of MTTs.

Call or Fold? Jonathan Little Faces a River Check-Raise with a Full House

Jonathan Little analyzes an EPT Main Event hand in which an opponent takes an interesting line culminating with a river check-raise. Would you call or fold?

Can You Still Win in Small Stakes Poker Games With a Tight Style of Play?

The "loose-aggressive" style has become popular and fashionable, but can you still profit in small stakes games by playing tight? Yes, says Nathan Williams.

'There is a Figure, an Exact Figure': The Problem of Value Bet Sizing

You have the best hand on the river and your opponent also appears ready to call your next bet *if* it's not too big. How best to size your value bet?