Tag: Tournament Strategy

Hand Review: A Disguised Straight on the Turn

A tournament hand illustrates how a loose-aggressive style can get big hands paid off.

Hand Analysis: James Salmon's Huge Call of Igor Yaroshevskyy's Bluff

Breaking down one of the more memorable hands from PokerStars Championship Panama.

Prepare Yourself: Pre-Session Advice for Online Poker Players

Online poker allows great freedom, including the freedom to play when less than prepared.

Jonathan Little Flops Trips, But the Board Runs Out Poorly

Flopping trips is always great, except when the flop and turn don't cooperate.

How Not to Play a Hand with Jason Wheeler

"My read was on, but my approach on multiple levels and streets incorrect," says Wheeler.

Daniel Negreanu on What Makes a Good Bankroll

How much will give you a comfortable poker bankroll? Daniel Negreanu shares some thoughts.

Five Adjustments to Make When You're Playing Limit Hold'em

In limit games, you must consistently press your advantages at every opportunity.

Rivering a Straight Flush in a Multi-Way Pot

Jonathan Little backs into a monster and has to decide how to extract maximum value.

Differences Between Limit and No-Limit Poker: Implied Odds

NL players need to change their thinking in limit games, starting with implied odds.

Excerpts from Zachary Elwood's 'Exploiting Poker Tells'

Two hand examples from the author's forthcoming third book on live tells in poker.

Playing a 20-Big Blind Stack in a Multi-Table Tournament

Don't be overly eager to shove that below average stack when you still have room to play.

Rethinking the River Check-Raise

When playing the lower limits or "micros," think twice about fancy river plays for value.

Raising Your Awareness of Postflop Betting Sequences

Don't focus too greatly on preflop play and miss opponents' exploitable postflop patterns.

Getting Out of Line With an Underpair in a Three-Bet Pot

Jonathan Little reviews a hand in which he makes a play he says he virtually never makes.

Dealing With Uninvited Bluffs

Getting bluffed unexpectedly? Learn ways you can avoid eliciting those "uninvited bluffs."

Hand Review: Flopping Trips in a Three-Bet Pot

Take the poll and tell how you would have played this RunGood Main Event hand.

Mixing It Up: Learning to Balance Your Play in Poker

Figuring out when you're doing "too much" or "too little" of anything in poker can be a challenge.

Leading With a Flush Draw in a Multiway Pot

With five players in the hand, Jonathan Little chooses to lead the flop with a flush draw.

10 Steps for Controlling Your Own Tells

Questions to ask yourself in order to assess what you might be giving away at the tables.

Caught in the Middle: The Value Bet Bluff

Can a bet be for value *and* a bluff at the same time? Carlos Welch shares an example.