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Tag: Tournament Strategy

Reading Hands in Seven-Card Stud

Exposed cards, dead cards and opponents' tendencies all help narrow hand ranges in stud.

Tommy Angelo Presents: Going to the WSOP? Please Don't Feed the Grinders

Heading to the World Series of Poker next week? Tommy Angelo has some advice for you.

10 Tips for Sit & Go Success: How To Play Heads-Up

Tune up your short-stacked strategy and learn how to finish strong when heads-up in SNGs.

Rivering a Straight on a Scary Board -- Check or Bet?

To value bet or not to value bet? That is the question Jonathan Little faces in this hand.

Why You Shouldn't Continuation Bet So Much

Raising preflop doesn't mean you *have* to continuation bet, explains Dominik Nitsche.

Hand Review: Bluff All In With Trips on Board?

Mo Nuwwarah starts to set up a triple-barrel bluff, but gets raised after barrel No. 1.

10-2 on the Money Bubble: What Do You Do Here?

You have a weak hand, but you're chip leader. Fold or get aggressive? LearnWPT weighs in.

10 Tips for Sit & Go Success: Three-Handed Play

You made the money in a SNG. Now go for the win & earn the lion's share of the prize pool.

Cooke's Corner: A Little Variety in Your Bet Sizing

Learn to read opponents' tendencies and start varying bet sizes to extract maximum EV.

Shifting Strategies: No November Nine Means End to Final Table Coaching

No final table delay might well change how this year's WSOP Main Event plays out.

Jonathan Little Splashes Around From the Button

The poker pro and author thinks he could have played this hand differently -- and better.

Fighting Fire With Fire in WSOP Tournaments (and High-Ante Cash Games)

More advice from Ashley Adams about how to use aggression to battle over stud pots.

Top Tips for Grinding PokerStars' Spring Championship of Online Poker

Playing SCOOP on PokerStars? Jason Wheeler has advice for managing the long grind.

Tommy Angelo Presents: The Live Poker Rulebook

Playing live poker? The "Painless Poker" author lays down some rules.

10 Tips for Sit & Go Success: On The Money Bubble

Four players left, three spots pay. Know when to shove & when to call on the SNG bubble.

Jonathan Little Decides to Slow Play a Set in a Three-Bet Pot

Flopping a set is always nice, but the challenge comes to try to extract value thereafter.

Stud Strategy: Ante Stealing on Third Street

Ashley Adams shares strategies for stealing those antes in seven-card stud.

Would You Fold Pocket Aces Postflop In This Spot?

Take a look at this much discussed hand from the PSC Monte-Carlo Main Event.

Charlie Carrel Analyzes Multi-Street Bluff From €100K Super High Roller

Watch and listen to Carrel's analysis of an interesting hand he played vs. David Peters.

Pocket Eights vs. a Middle Position Raise: What Do You Do Here?

LearnWPT breaks down your options in this commonly-faced satellite situation.