Main Event

Event Info

Buy-in 2,050 AUD
Prize Pool 393,600 AUD
Players 192

Level Info

Level 26
Blinds 25,000 / 50,000
Ante 5,000

Michael Guzzardi Eliminated in 5th Place ($25,500)

[user162117] • Level 23: 12,000-24,000, 4,000 ante
Michael Guzzardi - 5th Place
Michael Guzzardi - 5th Place

After a very slow start to the day, the ANZPT Perth Main Event is now down to four players.

It was Michael Guzzardi who found the rail in fourth place.

Guzzardi looked down at {k-Clubs}{k-Diamonds} in the small blind and raised it up to 50,000. Michael Doyle moved all in from the big blind with {a-Hearts}{j-Hearts}, having Guzzardi covered, and Guzzardi called.

It was looking like it was Guzzardi's turn to double, but with a {7-Spades}{4-Spades}{a-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}{6-Spades} board being spread on the felt, he was eliminated with a $25,500 score.

The top four have now locked up $31,000.

Michael Guzzardi us
Michael Guzzardi
us Busted

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Raiden Kan Eliminated in 6th Place ($20,200)

[user162117] • Level 23: 12,000-24,000, 4,000 ante
Raiden Kan - 6th place
Raiden Kan - 6th place

Another player has been eliminated!

Raiden Kan's final hand began when Michael Kane opened under the gun for 50,000. Kan three-bet all in for 247,000 from the button and Kane opted to make the call to put Kan at risk.

Kan: {7-Spades}{7-Clubs}
Kane: {a-Diamonds}{j-Hearts}

Kan was up out of his seat as the dealer spread out a {a-Hearts}{3-Spades}{3-Clubs} flop and started exiting the tournament area by the time a {5-Clubs} turn and a {10-Diamonds} river had been dealt on the felt.

For the sixth-place finish, Kan took home $20,200.

Kane has increased lead as the five remaining players are guaranteed $25,500.

Michael Kane gb
Michael Kane
gb 1,700,000
Raiden Kan hk
Raiden Kan
hk Busted

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Short-Stacked Bechar Double

[user162117] • Level 22: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante

Navin Bechar just managed a lucky double.

He jammed for around 270,000 from the button and Raiden Kan called from the small blind.

Bechar sheepishly turned over his {10-Hearts}{8-Hearts}, which was struggling against Kan's {9-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}.

The {10-Spades}{9-Hearts}{5-Hearts} flop gave Bechar a pair and flush draw, but gave Kan a set.

Then a {k-Hearts} hit the turn to give Bechar the flush he was looking for.

Bechar managed to fade on the {q-Spades} river and with that, he had doubled, while Kan is now one of the short stacks.

Navin Bechar AU
Navin Bechar
AU 570,000 140,000
Raiden Kan hk
Raiden Kan
hk 330,000 -350,000

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Battle of Michael

[user162117] • Level 22: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante

Michael Doyle and Michael Kane have just played a hand out to the river of a {4-Hearts}{2-Hearts}{a-Spades}{4-Diamonds}{10-Clubs} board.

It was a small blind vs. big blind scenario with Doyle having limped the small blind and then called a raise to 60,000 from Kane in the big blind. Doyle check-called a bet of 54,000 on the flop and both players checked the turn. On the river, Doyle led for 85,000 and Kane opted to let his cards go.

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Lucky Eights Trump Aces

[user162117] • Level 22: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante

Short stack Michael Doyle has managed to double up through Michael Kane.

Doyle got his stack in preflop with {8-Clubs}{8-Spades} and was dominated by Kane with {a-Diamonds}{a-Hearts}.

When the dealer flipped over a {5-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}{5-Hearts} flop, Doyle's rail gave a little cheer at the sight of the full house.

The {k-Hearts} turn and {7-Spades} river were safe for Doyle and so he stayed alive.

Despite losing this pot, Kane has been three-betting relentlessly and taking down pots without contest and is still up near 1.4 million.

Michael Kane gb
Michael Kane
gb 1,400,000 120,000
Michael Doyle AU
Michael Doyle
AU 420,000 165,000

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McHugh Shoved On Twice

[user162117] • Level 22: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante

Stephen McHugh has been shoved on in back-to-back hands.

The first one saw McHugh open the button to 43,000. Raiden Kan shoved the big blind and McHugh folded.

The very next hand McHugh opened to 45,000 from the cut off, Navin Bechar moved all in on the button and McHugh folded.

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Kane Doubles The Short Stack

[user162117] • Level 22: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante

Michael Kane was in the cut off when he opened it up to 40,000. Stephen McHugh moved all in for 185,000 from the button and the action was back on Kane. He eventually opted to make the call and the two players turned their cards over.

Kane: {q-Spades}{9-Hearts}
McHugh: {q-Diamonds}{q-Hearts}

It was just about as bad as it could get for Kane and great for McHugh.

The {3-Hearts}{5-Hearts}{8-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}{j-Hearts} board saw both players make a flush, with McHugh's the larger.

Michael Kane gb
Michael Kane
gb 1,280,000 -195,000
Stephen McHugh
Stephen McHugh
415,000 145,000

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Guzzardi Shoves On Kan

[user162117] • Level 22: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante

One of the first hands back from the break has seen Michael Guzzardi five-bet shove preflop on Raiden Kan.

It started with Kan opening the cut off to 45,000. Guzzardi three-bet to 110,000 from the button and Kan four-bet an unspecified amount before Guzzardi instantly moved all in. Kan folded just as quickly and the chips went to Guzzardi.

Michael Guzzardi us
Michael Guzzardi
us 650,000 100,000

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Dinner Over, Six Back

[user162117] • Level 22: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante

The dinner break is over and the six players are back at the tables.

There is now $20,000 guaranteed, but all are hunting the six-figure top prize.