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Jung Can't Duck the Ace

When we walked up to Alexander Jung's table, he was in the process of tabling {10-Clubs} {10-Hearts} against an all-in opponent, who opened {A-Spades} {3-Clubs}. The board showed {4-Spades} {5-Clubs} {9-Clubs}. Jung was well in the lead, but the tables were turned when the dealer burned and turned the {A-Hearts} on the turn, drawing a groan from everyone at the table. He couldn't complete the re-suckout when the river missed him, {J-Diamonds}.

"How can you call the flop?" one of the other players at the table asked Jung's opponent.

"That's true," said another. "How can you call?"

For his part, Jung took the beat stoically, shipping a total of about 6,000 chips to his opponent on the hand. He still retains 19,000.

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