Main Event

Spano Wins a Few

[user162117] • Level 4: 150-300, 25 ante

Luke Spano will be doing his best to post a big result here at APPT Auckland. Not only is there huge money and a title on the line, he is also in with a chance to become the ANZ Player of the Year.

We recently watched Spano win a few chips against one opponent on the river of a {3-Clubs}{8-Clubs}{10-Clubs}{7-Clubs}{j-Clubs} board. There was around 4,000 in the pot at this point and it was checked to Spano. He bet 1,500 and his opponent made a fairly quick call.
At showdown, Spano tabled {q-Clubs}{j-Spades}, which was enough to scoop the pot.

Player Chips Progress
Luke Spano
Luke Spano
23,500 4,500

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