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Aussie Millions Main Event

Idema On The Up

Daniel Idema

We missed some of the early action but when we came to Table 31, Daniel Idema was involved in a hand with Karim Jomeen. The board showed {q-Clubs}{10-Hearts}{a-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}, there was over 100,000 already in the pot and Jomeen was first to act. When Jomeen checked, Idema bet 55,000 and Jomeen insta-raised to 210,000. Idema called almost as quickly and the {7-Diamonds} was dealt on the river.

This time Jomeen led for 370,000 and Idema didn't take long to make the call. As soon as Idema announced the call, Jomeen flicked his cards into the muck, which prompted Idema to slide his cards into the muck and take down the pot.

At this point Jomeen said, "What about showdown? Don't i get to see his cards?" Idema was sure he didn't have to show his hand and the table couldn't really agree on what the correct ruling was, but the tournament director stated that since Jomeen was the last aggressor and he threw his cards into the muck, he was not entitled to see Idema's cards.

Chip Counts
Daniel Idema ca 2,400,000 560,000
Karim Jomeen gb 1,100,000 -700,000

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