Main Event

Day 2 - Done!

YorkshirePud • Level 13: 1,000-2,000, 300 ante
Nikolas Liakos - Overnight leader of EPT Tallinn
Nikolas Liakos - Overnight leader of EPT Tallinn

Day 2 of the EPT Tallinn Main Event is now done and dusted after six 75-minute long levels here in the luxurious Swissotel. The 198 players who survived Day 1a and Day 1b joined together today and they all shared a common goal, to survive the day and keep the dream of becoming a European Poker Tour Champion alive.

The dream ended abruptly for more than half of the field as only 63 made it through with their chipstacks intact. One man who has more than his fair share of chips is Sweden's Nikolas Liakos who flew under the radar all day long but bagged up a colossal 460,200 when play came to an end. Part of his massive stack was won when he cracked Henri Kasper's pocket aces with a lowly pair of fours, which went onto make a set by the river.

The only other player to make it past the 400,000 chip mark was Finland's Lari Sivho who ended the day with 400,100 chips. Sivho only has one previous EPT cash and that was a 15th place finish in Barcelona in Season 7 but he does have fond memories of Tallinn, having won a €2,000 side event last year for a cool €80,191.

Along with these monster stacks there are still some notable faces in the crowd including Team PokerStars Pro Arnaud Mattern, who gave a new definition to grinding it out today. At no point did he find himself with more than 40 big blinds and at one point looked set to double up but his pocket nines lost to a runner-runner straight to leave him very short stacked indeed. He somehow managed to drag himself back into the fight and he will start Day 3 with 58,900.

Other notables include EPT Prague Champion Roberto Romanello, Praz Bansi and Sami Kelopuro. A special mention has to go out to Johan van Til who started the day with just 5,000 chips and somehow ended the day with 199,000. Ironically his online poker alias is “busto soon” but it does not look like he will bust out any time soon.

Day 3 of the EPT Tallinn Main Event restarts at 1200 noon and we will definitely see the money bubble burst. We believe the plan is to play for five levels so that everyone can attend the lavish PokerStars party at 2100 where there will be free drinks galore! Join us live from 1200 noon for all the action as it happens here at EPT Tallinn.

End of Day 2 Chip Counts (full)


Here are the chip counts of the surviving 63 players from Day 2

Nikolas Liakos
Nikolas Liakos
460,200 173,200
Lari Sihvo
Lari Sihvo
400,100 40,100
Michael Graydon ie
Michael Graydon
ie 349,800 112,800
Liutauras Armanavicius lt
Liutauras Armanavicius
lt 337,600 -12,400
Jani Sointula fi
Jani Sointula
fi 333,300 81,300
Erlend Melsom
Erlend Melsom
287,200 47,200
Ronny Kaiser ch
Ronny Kaiser
ch 269,600 29,600
Irene Baroni it
Irene Baroni
it 257,600 98,600
Stefan Jedlicka at
Stefan Jedlicka
at 251,700 90,700
Kjartan Bergur Jonsson
Kjartan Bergur Jonsson
246,500 206,500
Sami Kelopuro fi
Sami Kelopuro
fi 224,800 7,800
Konstantinov Aleksandr Valerevish
Konstantinov Aleksandr Valerevish
220,400 60,400
Raigo Aasmaa ee
Raigo Aasmaa
OlyBet Team Pro
ee 210,300 -26,700
Lauri Meidla ee
Lauri Meidla
ee 204,800 49,800
Ron Paltto
Ron Paltto
200,000 14,000
Johan van Til nl
Johan van Til
nl 199,000 28,000
Albert Mykhaylyuta
Albert Mykhaylyuta
186,500 -14,500
Grzegorz Cichocki pl
Grzegorz Cichocki
pl 183,000 72,000
Petri Vuolle
Petri Vuolle
157,700 43,700
Danny Nierop
Danny Nierop
154,400 4,400
Rolands Norietis lv
Rolands Norietis
lv 151,600 51,600
Robert Brofeldt
Robert Brofeldt
140,500 -20,500
Matthias Lotze
Matthias Lotze
132,400 8,400
Vitaly Grigoryev
Vitaly Grigoryev
126,000 45,000
Arvi Vainionkulma fi
Arvi Vainionkulma
fi 124,600 43,600

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Liakos Snatches the Lead at Play's End

MarcC • Level 13: 1,000-2,000, 300 ante

Nikolas Liakos snatched away the chip lead from Lari Sihvo in the last three hands after he cracked aces to surge to 460,200.

Henri Kasper raised and then moved all-in after Liakos three-bet from the button. The Swede had a lowly pair of fours but flopped a four to ruin Kasper's evening.

Tags: Henri KasperNikolas Liakos

Sointula Catching Armanavicius and Lari Sihvo

MarcC • Level 13: 1,000-2,000, 300 ante
Easy game for Sointula
Easy game for Sointula

The race is on to be end of day chip leader. Jani Sointula is the latest to stake a claim after he eliminated Marc Casanova Cardona to move up to 325,000 chips. It was a bit of a cooler as Sointula woke up with pocket pockets kings when his opponent found ace-king.

Tags: Jani Sointula

Three More Hands

YorkshirePud • Level 13: 1,000-2,000, 300 ante

It has been announced that the players will play three more hands before Day 2 will draw to a close.

Nock, Nock Who's There? Not Jeremy!

[user169505] • Level 13: 1,000-2,000, 300 ante

The charismatic Welsh..English…French..oh who cares the charismatic Jeremy Nock has just been eliminated and slow-rolled by the Norwegian Ron Paltto.

Nock raised to 6,700 from under the gun and Paltto three-bet to 16,600. The action folded back around to Nock who moved all-in and Paltto asked for a count. Nock counted his chips, then the dealer counted his chips before Paltto called holding pocket Kings!

Nock{a-Clubs} {q-Diamonds}
Wetzel{k-Hearts} {k-Spades}

Nock rose to his feet and started shouting for an ace but it never came.

Board: {2-Diamonds} {4-Spades} {6-Spades} {8-Hearts} {10-Diamonds}

Paltto earned himself ~186,000 and a telling off from Oscar Lima for slow-rolling.

Tags: Jeremy NockRon Paltto

Kaiser Chief

YorkshirePud • Level 13: 1,000-2,000, 300 ante

Ronny Kaiser has just sent Vladimir Federov to the rail in a button versus small blind confrontation. Kaiser raised to 4,000 and then quickly called when Federov moved all in for his last 13,000 chips.

Kaiser held {Q-Hearts}{9-Hearts} and needed to hit a queen to beat the dominating {A-Clubs}{9-Spades} of Federov. And he did just that as the final board ran out {5-Spades}{4-Clubs}{7-Diamonds}{q-Spades}{j-Diamonds} and we are now down to 73 players.

Tags: Ronny KaiserVladimir Federov

El Sayed Doubles Through Donald

YorkshirePud • Level 13: 1,000-2,000, 300 ante

Anders Berg, the Team PokerStars Online Pro better known as "Donald" has just doubled up the extremely vocal Sam El Sayed. Berg had raised to 4,000 from under the gun plus one and this was enough to fold everyone out, except El Sayed in the big blind. He pushed all in for 33,000 and Berg made the call.

Berg: {A-Diamonds}{Q-Clubs}
El Sayed: {K-Hearts}{Q-Spades}

El Sayed's hand was dominated by Berg's be he need not worry about that as the flop came down {6-Hearts}{J-Diamonds}{K-Clubs}. Berg still had outs to an ace or a ten but he was soon drawing to only a ten as the turn was the {k-Diamonds}. The river was the {7-Clubs} and El Sayed boosted his stack back to 70,000.

Tags: Sam El SayedAnders Berg

No fun for Frankland

MarcC • Level 13: 1,000-2,000, 300 ante

Matthew Frankland was stood in front of the media desk with John Eames and Dan Carter. His head was bowed and he looked glum. Further investigation revealed he had just busted from the tournament.

He got the last of his chips in with ace-queen versus pocket jacks. Frankland held he {q-Diamonds} and the flop came {10-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds} but his hopes were dashed through the bricky turn and river.

Tags: Matthew Frankland

Lari Sihvo Takes the Chip Lead at EPT Tallinn

[user169505] • Level 13: 1,000-2,000, 300 ante
Lari Sihvo is our new chip leader
Lari Sihvo is our new chip leader

in a bizarre hand, Lari Sihvo made a standard raise under the gun and Jeff Sarwer called in the small blind before Markus Wetzel moved 33,100 into the middle (leaving 400 behind). Sihvo called and Sarwer folded and both players saw a flop of {j-Spades} {10-Spades} {8-Clubs}. Wetzel checked and Sihvo put the last 400 into the middle and Wetzel called.

Sihvo{6-Clubs} {6-Hearts}
Wetzel{4-Clubs} {5-Clubs}

The turn brought a little bit of hope for Wetzel {9-Clubs} but the {a-Spades} on the river sent him out of the tournament and sent Sihvo into the chip lead with ~360,000 chips.

Tags: Lari SihvoMarkus Wetzel