2012 PokerStars.com EPT Sanremo

€10,000 High Roller
Days: 3

Philipp Gruissem Eliminated in 6th Place (€41,200)

Philipp Gruissem - 6th Place
Philipp Gruissem - 6th Place

Philipp Gruissem opened with a raise to 32,000 from under the gun and Kent Roed called in the hijack seat. Joseph Cheong then moved all in from the button for 364,000 and Gruissem went all in as well, only he had around 200,000 in his stack. Roed got out of the way and the two went for a showdown.

Cheong: {7-Clubs} {7-Spades}
Gruissem: {A-Hearts} {K-Spades}

Gruissem was behind and needed help from the board to save his tournament life. The flop ran {4-Hearts} {J-Diamonds} {J-Hearts} reducing Gruissem's chances even more. The {8-Diamonds} on the turn left him with almost no hope while the {7-Diamonds} on the river gave a set for Cheong and eliminated Gruissem in 6th place for €41,200.

Player Chips Progress
Joseph Cheong us
Joseph Cheong
664,000 244,000
Philipp Gruissem de
Philipp Gruissem

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