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Main Event

Wheeler Folds Pocket Kings to Five-Bet


Anestis Pantazidis opened from middle position only to have Philippe Ktorza three-bet to 1,250 right behind. When action reached Jason Wheeler in the small blind, he came in with a four-bet to 3,400. Gani Jahaj was next to act in the big blind and he wanted a piece of the action too so he five-bet to 9,100.

Pantazidis and Ktorza both folded, and the Wheeler showed {K-}{K-} and folded. Jahaj didn't show but indicated that it was a good fold. "I've seen him three-bet, and could see him four-bet, but never five-bet," Wheeler explained to PokerNews.

Player Chips Progress
Jason Wheeler us
Jason Wheeler
us 40,000 16,000

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